"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I will no longer be posting here.  Check out izzieandthebeast.tumblr.com to catch all the latest and greatest on Izzie and Noah. 


Sunday, January 16, 2011


It is so dry in my house that my children look like they've been rubbing a balloon.  Every time we touch each other, we get a shock.  Noah thinks it's funny.  Of course, he would.  He is the Beast who shocked himself once by accident, but on purpose the second and third time.  Static makes Izzie's hair stand straight up and look like it's trying to take off.  Static makes Noah hair flat.  It's strange and uncomfortable for me.  It's like he's a completely different boy.  We have two humidifiers that I've been blasting continuously.  I just refilled one of them but my darling husband was the last one to fill the second one.  Short of snapping my wrist in half, I can't get the top off.  His man hands always puts tops on too tight.  If he puts the kids tops on their cups, I'm screwed.  If he fills up the humidifiers up, I'm screwed.  Sometimes, I can manage to get a top off, but I'm weak today.  And sick.  And full of static.  And tea.  Seriously, I'm on my fifth cup of tea.  I've also had two doses of airborne, although at this point, I don't know how much it's helping.  

I am determined to get over this.  Today is the worst I've felt, so I'm hoping that means I've reached the peak and will start feeling better pronto.  On Tuesday, Kris and I are taking the kids to the auto show.  I think the auto show is okay, but I'm more excited this year because I'm sure Noah is going to love it.  He didn't go with us last year.  Izzie went last year and she enjoyed it.  She wanted to sit and pose in all of the bright colored cars. 

On Wednesday we're dropping Izzie off at preschool and Noah and Dakota off at Grandma and Bepa's.  Then Kris and I are off for a couple of days to celebrate our anniversary which is on Friday.  I am so excited for this trip.  It will be the first time Kris and I have been away, technically alone, since our honeymoon.  We did go away to Tennessee when Izzie was a baby, but I was pregnant with Noah and spent the entire trip sick.  We went away on one other overnight trip but again, I was pregnant with Noah and sick.  This time, I'm not pregnant and I. will. not. be. sick.

I need to find my inner strength and peace now and point it in the direction of my children:)

 If you look close you can see that some of her hair is flying, but this is tame compared to what it usually looks like.  Plus, she has no curl, not even in the back.

I love his hair right after it's been washed.  
It's so soft and fluffy. 

 This was last night before bed.  
His hair looks normal. curly.

 What the?!  This is today.  
Most of his curl is no where to be seen.

 Who is this child?

Unfortunately, anyone who had the theory that his curls fueled his beastliness is wrong.  Baby Jesus, I need your help today.