"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What took down the beast Pt. 2

Over the course of several days Noah started to slow down.  He wasn't quite himself.  He was a little more tired than usual, a little more crabby than usual, and was eating a little less than usual.  At first it seemed like he had a cold.  One morning he was having difficult time breathing so I gave him one of his breathing treatments.  It didn't really seem to help him.  During his afternoon nap he woke up with a congested, whooping cough.  He couldn't breathe and kept making this horrible, crow like sound with every desperate breath.  After talking with his pediatrician they told me he probably had the croup and that it was going around.  Then the nurse heard him coughing over the phone and said he definitely had the croup.  There is no denying that cough.  It sounds like a seal barking.  They told me what to do for him and that if he didn't improve I would have to take him to Urgent Care.  Thankfully, he started improving after lots of steam, another treatment, some meds, and plenty of tlc.

The only relief that Noah gets from the coughing is during the day.  Croup is typically much worse at nap time and during the night.  His pediatrician told me that I could expect his cough to last about 5 or 6 nights and we'll be on night 4 tonight.  He's doing much better but still having a difficult time at night.  Poor Noah...I feel so bad for him.  He tries to run around and be a beast, but he just doesn't have the energy.  He'll be playing in one room and then I'll see him dart in and out of nursery and into the living room.  I won't hear anything so I'll go to check on him after a few minutes.  I usually find him lying on the couch, a chair, or the floor cuddled up with his blanket and passy.

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