"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bees and Automatic Flushing Toilets

What do bees and automatic flushing toilets have in common?  They both terrify Izzie.  Yesterday during lunch Izzie was eating her usual green apple and peanut butter.  Kris was feeding Noah on the other side of the table and I was in the kitchen.  Izzie likes to sit with her legs through the arm of the chair.  She was chillin' and eating her lunch when out of nowhere she pulled her legs up out of the arm and literally jumped in the air and off her chair with the most terrified, panicky look I've ever seen on her face.  She was shaking and crying as she ran over to me saying something about a bug she didn't like...

At first Kris and I thought we missed something.  One minute she was fine and the next minute she was performing acrobats off her chair.  Kris said he didn't see anything and I couldn't tell from where I was.  I walked over to her chair and sure enough, there was a bee making its way up the blinds.  Kris got rid of the bee and Izzie said, "Oh, thank you, thank you.  I don't like bees."  Kris said he would probably have done the same thing and I told her that it was perfectly fine to be scared of bees.  I don't want her to be like Beast who would probably try to eat it.  I told Izzie if she ever sees a bee she should run away from it and come find one of us.  Lunch continued and that was the end of that.

This morning we went to a restaurant called 'The Country Inn' for breakfast.  The food was amazing.  It was no surprise that Noah continued to eat until we were ready to leave, but Izzie actually ate well.  She had pancakes, eggs, sweet potato french fries, and orange juice.  Before we left I took her to the restroom which is always an adventure because you never know what you're going to find in a public restroom.  My biggest challenge is always helping Izzie sit on the toilet to go potty while making sure she doesn't fall in.  The restrooms looked clean, bonus, but I still wiped the seat down with my trusty, Lysol travel wipes.  Once the toilet seat and surrounding area was deemed sanitary and safe for Izzie to sit on, she did her thing and I grabbed some toilet paper for her.  The toilets were automatic and because Izzie was sitting on the edge, where maybe the toilet thought she was off already, it flushed while she was still sitting on it.  

Okay, first of all, automatic toilets are ridiculously loud and they spew water everywhere.  Imagine if you're a three year old, who has not only recently mastered using the toilet, but is accustomed to using a toilet more your size, and not in a strange bathroom with a massive toilet that could suck you in.  Now imagine it flushing while you're still on it, shooting water on your bottom and sounding like a vacuum hose being held to your ear.  You would be terrified too.  Izzie jumped off the toilet seat and said, "Momma, we better get out of here."  We walked out of the stall and as I washed my hands, Izzie was frantically looking around for the exit, in a two stall restroom, and said, "Momma, I can't get out.  Where's the door?  How do we get out of here."  I opened the door for her, she walked out into the main dining area and said, "I'm back."


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