"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyone Gets Boo Boo's

Izzie is an observant child.  She pays attention to details, even the small ones.  She remembers everything.  One of the shows I let Izzie watch is called 'Little Bear'.  It's kind of written and animated like 'Winne the Pooh'.  It reminds me of an old children's story book.  About a month ago there was an episode about luck and four leaf clovers.  Last Thursday I took the babies over to Grandma and Bepa's house to play.  Izzie found a 'four leaf clover'.  She came running over to us showing us this treasure in her hand.  She was explaining, "I found a four leaf clover!" over and over again.  I asked her where she learned about four leaf clovers and she said, "Little Bear."  

So as I was saying, she pays attention to detail.  She is well aware at this point, in her 3+ years of life, of every scrape, scratch, bruise, mark she gets on her body.  If you ask her she'll point to each one and tell you how it happened.  She freaks out over every new boo boo she finds.  Tonight, while having a bath, she discovered a new one and said, "Momma, I have a boo boo.  I have another boo boo."  I asked her how she got the boo boo.  She said, "I was playing outside and was on my knees too long."  She didn't have them before she went outside so logic would say, she was right.  She had a mark on each knee, probably from sitting on her knees in the driveway too long.  When I was getting her dressed and ready for bed she was still lamenting over her boo boo.  She said, "I have a boo boo here and here.  I have a boo boo on my knees."  I looked at her with sweetness (she was really sad) and said, "Everyone gets boo boo's."  Izzie replied, "Really?"  I said, "Yes, really.  Everyone gets boo boo's."  Izzie began to name off every Auntie, Uncle, friend, and animal she could think of, asking me if they got boo boo's.  When it seemed like she was satisfied with my answers, she looked at me and said, "Momma, you have a boo boo on your nose."  I said, "Yes, I do. Even Momma's get boo boo's."  She responded, "I have a boo boo on my knees from playing outside.  You have a boo boo from playing outside too?"  I said, "Well, no.  I have a boo boo on my nose because Noah threw a rock at my face."  Izzie replied, "Oh, Noah."

Yep, that's exactly what I said too... 

Does this look like a face that would throw a rock at their Momma?

What about this face?


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