"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain Drops on Roses

Sleeping in
Reading a book
Taking a bath
Enjoying some quiet time
Doing absolutely nothing
Watching something that does not  include animated characters or children's songs
Having someone make me dinner
Going for a walk with my sister Hillary-We walked on a nature trail and the weather was absolutely perfect for an eight mile walk.  Heck yah, eight miles...pshh, no big deal.  We know we rock.
Having someone else put the babies down for a nap
New life- My friend's Christian and Kristin had a beautiful, baby girl on Saturday.  Her name is India Grace and she is just the most precious baby.  Congratulations!
Celebrating Mother's Day-Let's be real.  Mother's Rock!

These are a few of my favorite things...


Blech....These are not my favorite things.  

I'm heading home this afternoon and I really don't mind driving in the rain.  It actually has this calming effect on my children, which I love.  I'm hoping the weather starts cooperating and gives me some time to get my garden going and plant some flowers.  What you say?  Me, planting a garden and...dare I say, flowers?  It's not that I don't love homegrown veges and fruits.  I do!  I also love beautiful flowers.  But, I have allergies.  I have asthma.  I have crazy, sensitive skin...Things that nature loves to wreak havoc on.  I have also been busy the past four years from, oh, having babies and recovering from having babies that I just haven't had time to do the research and find out what I can and can't plant.  I also have to consider my babies, who both suffer from allergies and Noah, with asthma.  So before I go out and buy a ton of gardening stuff I have to research and come up with a plan.  I am finding out lots of interesting stuff that I never knew before because...well, I've never gardened for all the reasons I just mentioned.  I already know what vegetables I'm going to plant that won't cause any reactions.  I plan on buying a mask and gloves to help reduce any reactions.  The big thing for me is flowers.  After looking online this morning, I realized that some of the flowers and shrubs that my husband and mother-in-law have planted around the house over the years, are not good for allergy sufferers.  There are actually a lot of options for people like me to choose from.  I found a great list that range from flowers that produce the heavy, sticky pollen (that bees love), flowers that don't produce a lot of pollen, and flowers that don't produce any pollen at all.  I found a list of hypoallergenic sunflowers that I would love to plant.  They do grow really tall so I'm going to have to be careful where I put them but they are gorgeous.  Izzie loves flowers and I imagine she would love watching her sunflowers grow.  

Stay tuned for updates on my gardening venture.  If you hear nothing more on this than I failed.  And don't want to talk about it.  But hopefully, there will be some beautiful, tall sunflowers and yummy veges in my future.  

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