"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Weekend

What they hay?  It's Thursday?  It's been a crazy week in the sense that Noah is putting up one of the fights of his life with regards to a certain tooth.  If you take teething and add it to lack of sleep then multiply that with hot weather you end up with two cranky children who can't seem to get along.  You would think that my week would have dragged but it absolutely did not.  

I would like to interrupt this post for a moment to tell you all what Izzie just said.  So she's talking about fish flies and it's hilarious because if she says it fast it sounds like she's saying 'french fries'.  She just came over to me and said, "I see french fries.  They're all over the window.  I don't like french fries.  They're going to eat Noah."  

Back to my post.  So last weekend was fun.  Travis had his open house.  He's going to Michigan State in the fall.  He's smart.  He's cool.  He's tall.  He's my brother and I'm proud of him. 

The open house was on Saturday and it was hot...really hot.  Like shoes melting off your feet hot.  Like mascara melting your eyelashes together hot.  I would go outside for 10-15 minutes and then retreat back inside to cool off.  We all had a great time chillin' with family, eating good food, and watching Kris take twenty minutes to get in the pool.  The kids had a blast.  Everyone was thoroughly entertained by Noah's hair and Izzie's enthusiasm.  All in all, it was a success.  The parents only have one more open house to go.  I wonder if Jordan will do all the cooking for his open house?
On Sunday I saw a friend, April, who is due with a baby in July.  She's tiny all over and then she has the most perfect, basketball shaped belly I've ever seen.  She was glowing and looked just amazing.  Then I spent some time with another friend, Kristin, and her five week old baby, India Grace.  All I can say is. Help. Me. Somebody.  India is simply beautiful.  She has a head full of dark hair that's starting to curl up around the edges when it gets warm out.  I hope she has hair like her Momma, who has long, dark, curly hair.  India is also starting to get her baby chub.  I love baby chub.  Roly Poly babies are the best.  I held baby India in my arms and she curled right up on my shoulder.  Then she started cooing and making adorable noises in her sleep.  Aww, I couldn't stand it.  I had to give her back to Kristin.  It's amazing how someone so small and new could bring out those strong desires in me about wanting more children.  Maybe one day...Maybe.

Everyone else in the family headed back home on Sunday.  I stayed an extra day with the babies.  On Monday my dad had to return some stuff he borrowed for the open house.  Izzie was not very happy about Papa leaving without her.

She got on this tractor...    

And rammed it into one of the garage walls.  There was a definite hole in the wall.  She immediately felt shame, and knew she had done something wrong.  I don't know what went down between her and my mom, I wasn't there when it happened, but when my dad got home Izzie told him what happened.  She brought him over to the wall, showed him the hole and started crying again:(  Thankfully, instances like this are rare with Izzie which is more than I case say for my lovely beast Noah:)

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