"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, August 02, 2010

The last thing I saw was a flash of light...

The babies were playing in the living room....nicely.  Kris was about to take a shower.  I had a wicked migraine so I decided to take those precious moments and go lay on the bed.  Kris came in to change in one of light bulbs in the light fixture that is directly above our bed.  I was laying in a fetal position with my hands over my face, moaning something about how I was about to die.  Little did I know my premonition was about to come true.  Kris was standing in the middle of the bed holding the light fixture and new bulb in one hand and unscrewing the dead bulb with his other hand.  I don't know where things went wrong but somewhere in the process of screwing and unscrewing (rephrase)...changing the light bulb he dropped one of the bulbs.  It fell against the fixture he was holding and shattered all over me.  The last thing I saw was a flashing light.  I screamed.  Then I froze.  Thank God I was already in the protect yourself from being impaled by a light bulb position, otherwise, it would have been all over.  I stayed frozen while Kris cleaned all the glass off the bed and off of me.  The good news is I forgot about my migraine for 2.5 minutes.  I decided to get up and go lay on the couch.  I felt safer around Izzie and Beast.  At least they wouldn't try to impale me...well maybe...

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