"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, August 05, 2010

He'll cry if he wants too.


You were born Tuesday, August 5th at 2:37 p.m.  You came out pretty mad about something; I couldn't imagine what.  We always think of how traumatic childbirth is for the mother.  All I can say is that I'm glad I don't remember being born.  I think we can spare everyone the details of what happens, but for real.  Noah was happy, all snugly and cozy in my womb when someone pulls him out of me headfirst and proceeds to start suctioning his nose, wiping him off, and poking and prodding him.  He goes from muffled sounds of voices, and the sound of water (think of soft ocean waves) to voices screaming, "Yah, Hi Noah."  "Welcome to the world."  "You're just perfect."  "Good job Momma."  "You did it."  "Happy Birthday Noah!"  Then come the paparazzi with their flashing lights everywhere and film rolling.  He gets this plastic thing wrapped around his butt and taped on; plastic bracelets put on his ankles, and where the heck did his food source go?!?!  I think you would probably have a pretty pissed off look on your face too.

He is two years old today and loving life.  Well, not today so much.  He has not been a happy boy so far.  He was upset at his toys all morning.  They wouldn't do what he wanted them to do and he shouted at them and threw them about.  He kept coming up to lamenting about something.  We took him to Toys R Us where he received a balloon, crown and shout out over the loud speaker.  We take the babies every year and let them pick out something small.  Noah picked out an Elmo camera.  

Izzie also picked out her backpack for preschool.  She has been talking nonstop about getting a pink, princess backpack.  So glad they had one.  She also got a free lunch bag and since they didn't have any princess ones left she picked out a strawberry shortcake one.  She wore the backpack out of the store and as she was walking in front of me I suddenly pictured my 'lil bro Jordan on his first day of first grade.  He was so excited for school and as he ran across the parking lot to head inside all you could see was this monstrous backpack with little legs and arms flailing.  The only difference with Izzie is that she had to hold onto the straps with her hands so the backpack would stay on.  She can't quite pronounce  the 'B' so it sounds like she's saying, "My pack pack."  

We went to Red Robin for lunch where Noah again starting being moody and upset over everything.  After lunch we stopped by Grandma's and Bepa's for a few minutes and they both sorta forgot for a minute that it was Noah's birthday.  No worries though.  Kris was just happy he remembered:)  Noah continued to be upset until we got home.  I put him down for a nap with Izzie.  She's still sleeping but he woke up crying and does not look happy.  Hmm, he's too young to lament about getting older.  Maybe he's not psychologically ready to be two yet.   He also might be teething again, or he could just be having an off day.  I'm going to do my best to cheer him up for the rest of the day because It's. His. Birthday!   

 (Picture taken at Uncle Dick & Aunt Shelly's)

Noah, you were worth every second of being pregnant.  Momma and Daddy and Izzie love you.  *Muah*

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