"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, January 03, 2011

At what age do we stop fighting going to sleep?

Dear Blog,

I have so much to say.  I mean we're already into the first week of January and I have yet to recount a single holiday festivity.  I wanted to sit down and let my fingers do the talking tonight but I'm being held hostage by a bumblebee pillow pet slinging Beast and exhaustion, which seems to have me in a death grip and is slowly squeezing the life out of me.  Beast is crying right now and I can only assume all of his blankets are tossed on the floor as they have been the last three times I've gone in his room. 

I'm heading back into the war zone.  It's a dark place and I can hear the battle cries of determination and hysteria.  I still have a few weapons up my sleeve, none of which involve knocking Beast out with Benedryl, just so you know.

Wish me luck
Say a prayer
Hail a Mary
Cast a spell
Perform a sleep dance before the gods
Send all good Karma my way

I will take anything I can get right now. 

P.S.  If I had a pillow pet and the softest, cuddliest new blanket wrapped around my body, I would have no problem snuggling into my bed.  Just saying...

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