"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just a quick update on the Bug.

Milestones at 12 month checkup
1.  She can feed herself with both hands-pincher grasp.
2.  She can walk.
3.  She throws temper tantrums and a whole lot more.
4.  She's not on the bottle anymore.
5.  She is 21 lbs., 28 in. long.
6.  She has an 8 word vocab-momma, dada, gampa, hey, doggie, hi, bye-bye, uh-oh 

Shortly after her 12 month check-up
1.  She developed her first big virus of the season; that turned into another virus; that turned         into sinus, eyes, and ears infections; that took over a month to get over.
2.  February 17th-her top left eye tooth came in.
3.  She is a pro walking in her shoes  
4.  Her weight is  still 21 pounds as she lost some weight from being sick.
5.  March 2nd-She threw her first snowball (in the house)
6.  March 11th-She is finally given a clean bill of health from the doctor, along with four shots.
7.  She can say Darla.
8.  When you tell her NO, she points her finger at you and gives you the look.

I think that it's for now.  She is learning and doing new things every week.  We are learning more about her personality every week.

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