"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, September 07, 2009

Peaches and Football Mayhem

The peach festival in Romeo is held every year on labor day weekend. We went last year, which was a nightmare, and this year we decided to go on Friday. It wasn't busy and not everything was set up so we just walked down main street with the kids and enjoyed the nice weather. Of course, we really only went to get a peach pie. It was delicious. We also went to the country store and I let Izzy pick out a couple pieces of candy. She picked out blue laffy taffy and had a blue tongue all day, which she though was hilarious. Then we walked over to the chocolate factory. Izzy had a chocolate covered oreo, and Noah had a small, solid chocolate teddy bear. I have never seen a child inhale, actually suck, a piece of chocolate so fast in my life. He even beat out Izzy when she had her first piece of chocolate. At one point he was gagging a little bit and I went to open his mouth up to get the rest of the chocolate out. The jaws of life could not have pried open that little boys mouth. He was not about to give up that last piece of pure sugar milk deliciousness in his mouth.

On Saturday my brother Josh, and Kris's brother Adam came over to watch the first Michigan game of the season. In football there are fans and then there are fanatics. Kris and Josh are 100% fanatics. I went out to get some football munchies and when I came back Izzy was hiding under the highchair. She was little apprehensive of Uncle Josh at first. She said it was too loud in the living room. Really...How much noise could three grown men possible make? Izzy was looking at me like, Mom, do something. You don't let Noah and me yell that loud. I think she thought the boys were going to be in trouble. I explained to her that it was okay to yell as loud as she wanted to on Saturday's during football season. It didn't her long to join in with the boys and show them how loud she could be.

Well, the holiday weekend is almost over. Kris is back to work tonight, and tomorrow is back to appointments, and the usual hum drum of the week.

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