"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Got pinched by a crab...

and bit, pushed, jumped on, and scratched.  All this from a crab?  Well when his name is Noah, YES!  I am taking a time out to blog for a few minutes, otherwise I may disappear in the corral.  At the moment he is okay, taking a break from his beasting to watch a little Noggin.  We got back from the west side yesterday and both babies slept good last night.  I think it's just Noah's temperament, a lot like how Izzy's was when she was younger.  When he's happy, he's really happy.  When he's crabby, he's really crabby.  Only with Noah, it seems worse because he's louder, bigger, stronger and....just a beast.  Right now he's teething but his poor little gums have a hard time pushing those teeth through and it takes him so long to just get one tooth.  He has all the usually beasty symptoms of teething and I feel so bad for him.

We had fun at Mom and Dads.  Izzy brought her baby pumpkin, that she got from B'Pa and Grandma's, with her.  She was so excited to show everyone.  When you asked her what kind it was, she would say, "Baby Pumpkin!"

She was so tired out from her trip that last night she fell asleep in my arms when I was rocking her.  I love those moments.  


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