"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Hunt

I admit.  I'm a bit of an obsessive bargain hunter.  I like to save money whenever possible.  It's not just because of the struggling economy and that my family is trying to tough it out just like most of us.  It's not because I have children now.  I've always liked a good bargain and there are certain things that I have a hard time paying a lot for.  Shoes for example; when my husband and started dating I couldn't believe how much money he spent on shoes.  I never paid more than $20 for a pair of shoes, sandals, whatever.  After we were married the most expensive pair of sandals I bought were $60 at Macys and it took me a week to buy them.  I had a special place set aside in my closet for them.  I worshipped them.  I cherished them; so sparkly, unique, all my other sandals were envious...right up until my feet grew from my pregnancies and now they no longer fit.  They were collecting dust in my closet on the floor along with the other shoes that don't fit, but I am giving to my sister, who will treasure them as much as I did.
Anyway, about saving money.  This year I had to buy two fall/winter wardrobes complete with winter outdoor gear, shoes, boots, lots of stuff for the babies.  I have fallen head over heals for Mom--To-Mom sales.  (If you don't know what they are go to mom2momlist.com)  Last year was the first time I went to one, or even heard of them, and they are awesome.  

Here's the rundown of what I purchased at two sales:
*fall/winter wardrobes
*three pairs of shoes
*two pairs of boots
*two snowsuits
*a winter coat
*some super adorable felt barrettes for Izzy
*all of Noah's sleepers for next year
*about ten other pieces of clothing for spring/summer for both babies

All this for...Drum role please...$110...No Lie.  And everything I got are all good name brands, look brand new, and in some cases were never worn.  My intention is not to brag about how much I got for a steal.  I just want you to know you can spend a little and still have the sharpest, most stylish dressed kids around.  You just have to research a little; know where to look.  There are websites for mom's that post online and instore coupons for deals.  There are also mom's groups and other groups that hold sales in their communities similar to Mom-To-Mom sales throughout the year.  The internet is a wonderful tool, and if you don't have access then ask around or look in the paper.  And I'm not just talking about clothes here.  Toys, events, parks, activities...Being a bargain shopper is not that difficult.  It just takes a little more effort and time.  


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