"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Can Growl Louder Than You Can

It has become clear to me that my stop doing that-don't open that-that's dangerous-don't touch-stop mauling your sisters face-don't hit-growl does not work anymore with Noah.  He just growls back.  In some cases, he growls and stops what he's doing but then moves onto to doing something else he shouldn't be doing…and the cycle continues, sometimes feeling like a never ending battle of who can growl the loudest with my son.  Now, I do let my babies have lots of fun and most of the time they have free reign of the house.  But trying to suck the vacuum hose is a no thank you.  Banging on the oven door when it's on (and even when it's off) is a no thank you.  Pulling Dakota's ears to see how far they can stretch is a no thank you.  And pulling on the blinds to see how bent and distorted you can make them (and in the process risking a boo-boo) is a no thank you. (Although, at this point he can't ruin the blind much more anymore than he already has.)  

We do have enough room in our home.  We're not squished and I don't mind that the living room is also the toy room and the computer room.  I don't mind kid stuff all over the house.  I can clean up pretty much any kind of mess and get out almost any kind of stain.  I just want to minimize bodily injuries to myself and my babies, and minimize damage to my home.  Eventually, we are moving on to bigger pastures, and I am determined to have a house still standing that we can sell.

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