"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, October 02, 2009


Our week started off rough but is ending a bit softer around the edges. The babies and I caught some kind of virus. It started off pretty innocent as most colds do, but quickly turned vicious. Noah even lost his appetite. I know, shocking. Today was a better day and we're feeling on the mend.

Izzy ate an apple and some yogurt. Wait, repeat that? Izzy ate not just one but two healthy foods in one day? Again, shocking…She has suddenly developed a love for green apples. Green apples happen to be my favorite. She also only likes one kind of yogurt. It has to be Yoplait Light Lemon Cream Pie. Are you seeing a trend here? She likes things with a little sour kick and some tang. That's my girl. Every time we go to Meijer's to get her yogurt, it's usually sparse, gone or about to be stocked up. When we went this week a stock boy was just starting to unload all the yogurt. When Izzy saw that her yogurt wasn't there she put on the saddest, pouty face and buried her face in her hands while shaking her head. I told her we were going to find it and the stock boy helped me look for it. When I found it, the stock boy opened up the box to reveal the bright, metallic pink lids and Izzy said, "WOW!"

She had her yogurt.

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