"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Definition of P.I.P.: Person In Public is anyone who goes anywhere in public thus becoming a carrier of germs, bacteria and viruses.

P.I.P.'s can pass potentially dangerous viruses and should be avoided at all costs. The only way to avoid them is to refrain from going anywhere in public. Other, less effective, precautions include frequent hand washing, body decontamination, and face masks (a common practice in countries like South Korea.)

My daughter has vomited 11 times since this morning.  She has a fever and sore throat.  Since her 3 hour nap this morning she has laid on the couch all afternoon.  Everytime she's about to throw up she says, "My tummy hurts.  No, I don't want to throw up."  She keeps saying she's sad and is too tired to do anything, even color.  If I go further than a few feet from her she panics, and it's hard to stay within arms reach when you have a beast that can't be contained.  Noah is not showing signs of being sick and his sole focus for the evening was to obtain Izzy's puke bowl.  Temper tantrums, biting, screaming and trying to physically push his way through me did not work...In the end he tried to rip the puke bowl from me as I was trying to get Izzy to throw up in the bowl, who decided she doesn't like throwing up and will do anything to avoid it include trying to swallow it thus choking thus throwing up all over the couch and blankets instead of in the puke bowl.  Noah was put in the pack 'n play while I cleaned Izzy up and with his ability to stretch him arms to impossible lengths he managed to reach the closet door and pinch his fingers.  I was left with one baby crying due to pinched fingers and one baby crying due to being sick:( 

I hate germs, viruses, bacteria (any other words in the category you can think of) and P.I.P.'s.  There is a reason why my babies and I live in seclusion. 

I just put Noah down to bed, which doesn't mean he'll go to sleep right away, but a little quiet time is good for him. Izzy is still on the couch. I'm waiting until she falls asleep to move her to my room, which is where she will be sleeping tonight.  Tomorrow is another day.  Prayerfully, Izzy will sleep well and feel better in the morning.

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