"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, November 08, 2009

All She Wanted Was A Green Popsicle

On Monday and Tuesday Izzy wasn't quite herself.  She was tired and said her tummy hurt, and just kind of laid around.  On Wednesday morning I awoke to the sound that every parent longs to hear.  They're beautiful little child crying for them.  But when I walked in the room I saw something no parent wants to see.  Izzy had vomited everywhere and was crying and sobbing for Momma, saying her tummy hurt. 

Over the course of the day, Izzy threw up everything we tried to give her.  I gradually decreased the amount of fluids I was giving her to a teaspoon every 30 minutes and she couldn't even keep that down for more than a few minutes.  I was up with her all Wednesday night and she was still vomiting.  By morning she wasn't having dry diapers and she was so lethargic.  She started saying her throat hurt.  I took her to the doctor.  The doctor was concerned because her diapers were dry and she had already lost more than three pounds.  She wanted her to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration.  Izzy's throat was really red and we thought it probably because she had been vomiting so much.  The doctor said strep is rare this time of year and in children Izzy's age, but she wanted to test just to make sure.  Well...Her test came back positive.  We decided to give her a one dose strep antibiotic shot at the doctor's office so they wouldn't have to do anything at the hospital.  The shot looked like a horse sedative and from Izzy's reaction, probably felt like it too.  We waited 20 minutes to make sure she didn't have a reaction, and then we headed to St. Johns Hospital in Detroit.

We were admitted to St. Johns Thursday afternoon and within a few hours Izzy was examined, poked, traumatized by the procedure room (where they put her I.V. in), and passed out in her hospital bed.  I laid in the bed with her both nights because every ten minutes or so she would instinctively try to pull out her I.V.  By the second day every time a nurse, or anyone came in, she would start panicking and crying because she thought they were going to give her a shot, a poke, or something else unpleasant.  She would say, "No shots, no shots!"  My daughter is smart and catches on quick.  She started putting on this act where, when someone came in she would smile and say, "Feel all better."  She thought if she said that they would leave alone.  Friday morning she was still lethargic and couldn't sit up for more a few minutes.  But after a good long nap, she woke up more perky.  The only thing she wanted was a green popsicle but we couldn't find one.  She did, however, love the Pink Strawberry SoBe drink I brought up.  She got quite a sugar buzz from it and had a great time playing legos and buildings towers with my dad.  They did some blood work Friday late morning and her labs results showed there were still some things not where they needed to be, so we had to stay another night.  Friday night went better than the previous night.  She didn't fall asleep until after midnight because she was uncomfortable and sore and she still would sit up in her sleep and try to pull that darn I.V. out, but she did sleep for a longer period of time. 

Her doctor came in Saturday morning and said everything looked good and after she ate some breakfast and kept it down she could go home.  Another doctor and nurses kept coming in to get things ready for her to go home and every time she would start crying, "No more shots!  All done!"  Oh, dear.  I can't wait for her to forget this experience.  She didn't have much for breakfast but it was enough.  Kris and Julie helped me get everything together and then we were outta there.  We were waiting in the lobby for valet to bring our van up, when Izzy started saying her tummy hurt...UH OH!  And then it happened.  She vomited everywhere, all over the floor, her sleeper and coat, and on Daddy.  We were waiting in the lobby right next to same day surgery right after she threw up a nurse and guy who looked like he was about to go into surgery walked in from outside.  The guy went to get Izzy a blanket and some scrubs while the nurse knelt down and talked to Izzy.  The nurse took me back to same day surgery so I could call up to the pediatric unit and find out what we should do.  Her doctor called back a few minutes later and said it was still okay to go home.  The reason she threw up again was because her stomach wasn't used to having food in it and we just needed to start slow again.  He said if she continued to vomit to call him back but otherwise, just continue liquids then slowly try semi-solids, then solids.

Some Highpoints:

1. We didn't have to share our room
2. Nana and Papa came to stay with us all day Friday
3. All of the nurses and doctors were so nice and sweet
4. We watched Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella

Some Lowpoints:
1. Having the I.V. put in. It took five tries and they were finally able to get it in her foot
2. Having her blood drawn several times and anything else involving needles
3. Having to stay more than one night
4. Not being able to find a green Popsicle
5. Nana and Papa leaving
6. Still too sick to eat any solids

We got home late Saturday morning.  Izzy was so happy to be home.  She had a nice bath and then she was surprised with....A GREEN POPSICLE.

Okay, green Icee but close enough.  She was exhausted and spent most of the day laying on the couch while we disinfected the house.  As I was wiping down every surface, door knob, handle, walls, toys, furniture, etc., I felt like I was denoahifying my house.  His marks were everywhere.  When I say his marks, I mean, milk and food splatters, drool marks, handprints of various substances, and other unidentified Noah marks.  When we were finished our house smelled like a hospital.  That glorious smell of cleanliness and Lysol lasted for about a minute, or until Noah got home:)  Oh, but I missed Noah so much and was so happy to see him.  He started clapping when he saw Izzy and me.      

Our night went fairly well.  Izzy slept in my room and she slept okay.  She woke up a few times but fell right back asleep.  Noah slept until 11:30 this morning and has been strangely quiet.  He's too busy knawing his fingers and chewing on toys.  I think he's teething and hopefully this time, he'll get a tooth.

Izzy has kept down everything I've given her this morning so we'll just keep at it nice and slow until she's back to her normal self.  The only things still giving her pain are her thigh and her foot.  She's been walking funny all morning and finally sat down and said her foot hurt:(  She's taking a nap now...

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