"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's cold outside, but not cold enough to snow, and I want it to snow.  I want it to snow.  Right now you probably think my body has been taken over by an impostor who is trying to brainwash my fellow warm weather friends.  In fact if you look closely at your screen you will see swirly patterns of snow.  Focus on it...Keep looking...Keep looking ...You want it to snow....You want it to snow.  I'm just kidding...but I really do want it to snow.  I generally despise all things cold.  It's not that I don't think seeing a blanket of beautiful, untouched snow as the sun rises isn't breathtaking.  I'm just always cold...always, even in the summer.  And being warm just makes you feel better all around.  But this year, my daughter is old enough to be excited about snow, and boy is she excited.  Every day I say, "I'm cold."  And every day she says, "Momma, snowing outside?"  I tell her it's not cold enough yet to snow but it will soon.  The other night as I was enjoying our nightly ritual of rocking Izzy before bed she told me that she wants to taste the snow.  And then she told me that she wanted Momma, Daddy, and Noah to taste the snow as well.  I told her that was fine and showed her how to stick her tongue out to catch the snow.  I also told her not to eat any yellow snow.

Her excitement is building and so is mine.  I can't wait to see her play in the snow.  I can't wait to hear Noah laugh as Dakota jumps around psychotically in the snow, trying to bite it.  I can't wait to make snow angels with Izzy.  And I can't wait to watch Noah attack the seven blowups we put up in our front yard.  I'm sure that some of the anticipation will wear off as it takes me an hour to get them all bundled up to go outside, but it is still going to be a blast, I'm sure of it.  And I can't wait.  I want it to snow.

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