"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things I'm looking forward to over the next few months:

1.  Thanksgiving on the East side
2.  H. Christmas two days after Thanksgiving at my parents
3.  Seeing family I haven't seen in what seems like forever
4.  SNOW!
5.  Christmas lights
6.  Christmas (I'm not even stressed about the traveling and carting the kids around...Too excited!)
7.  Friends having babies around Christmas and in early in the New Year.  I want to hold some cute babies:)
8.  Izzy's 3rd birthday!

Things my son did this week:

1.  Shocked himself in an outlet because he wouldn't leave it alone
2.  Ate the corners and chewed up a few pages from several books
3.  Body slammed himself against the wall
4.  Ran into the corner of the desk and didn't stop, not even long enough to realize he had a massive bump on his forehead
5.  Almost shocked himself again in an outlet because he didn't learn the first time
6.  Pushed Dakota out of his spot on the couch and made himself comfy
7.  Has developed an obsession for cords
8.  Body slammed himself against the door
9.  Executed all of Izzy's kitchen toys (death by being thrown down the stairs)
10.  Made another dent in the floor from throwing a toy across the room
11.  Twirled in circles and started laughing, apparently twirling in circles is fun and you may just crack yourself up.
12.  Was in his pack n' play and started shaking it back and forth so hard that he actually moved it (only a tiny bit, but still)
13.  Thinks fake coughing and choking his hilarious.  Momma doesn't think it's so funny.
14. Halfway through the week, already had three bumps on his forehead, one on each side, and one in the middle

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