"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, December 14, 2009


Izzy and Noah were in the nursery with the door shut…Now, I could stop right there and I'm sure your imaginations would run wild with the many disastrous scenarios that could take place.  But, surprisingly, they're usually pretty good.  Noah usually has all the books off the shelf and stuffed animals hidden in various parts of the room and Izzy is either reading books on her bed or hiding somewhere in the room, waiting for me to come find her.  Tonight, I went about getting the house ready for bed while they were in the nursery and Izzy started saying, "HELP!...HELP!"  It didn't sound like an urgent-I'm hurt-really scared-or stuck help, so I went about finishing what I was doing before checking on them.  I walked in and Izzy was hiding in one of her spots behind the rocking chair.  She came out and said, "Momma, dinosaur!"  I asked her where and she said, "Over there by Noah's crib."  I asked her what it sounded like and she said, "ROAR!"  Now it's questionable whether she was actually referring to Noah or an imaginary dinosaur in the room. 

It usually takes about a week or so after visiting my parents before Izzy starts asking when we're going to Nana and Papa's house.  She's getting old enough where she really misses them.  She knows we're going soon for Christmas and every night when I tuck her into bed she says, "Going to Nana and Papa's tomorrow."  And then I tell her we're not going tomorrow but in three weeks.  Then it's two weeks.  And tonight when she said it again, I told her we were going next week:)

Izzy's language is starting to develop more and she's tackling bigger words.  The other day she told me that Noah was doing somersaults.  It was clear as day.  Then she was on the phone with my mom and she was telling her all about decorating the Christmas tree.  She told her there were ornaments on the tree.  I think my mom started crying.  Every day I realize how my little girl is growing up.  Everything about her is growing up too fast.  It's amazing to watch your child begin to understand emotions, people, the world; how things work and why.  Children see things so differently.  Everything she experiences is heightened because it's new to her.  It's amazing to see Izzy start to understand something from the beginning of it to fully understanding it.  I guess it's kind of like someone who becomes a Born Again Christian, or finds faith in another religion, or completely changes their lifestyle to something completely new, or moves to a foreign country where everything is new...You watch them start to understand something and then when it clicks it's so cool to see and you're happy and excited for them.  Anyway, I'm doing what I usually do which is evolving from one conversation to another to another…and what I really should be doing is getting some dinner, folding laundry, and watching criminal minds (well, that's more for my enjoyment).

Happy Monday

P.S.  I saw some more pictures of my friends newborn twins…ridiculously cute and adorable:)     

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