"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feel Better Soon

Kris got sick followed by the babies.  Noah was first and the usual suspects appeared that suggested he had a cold.  I hate to say it and sort of feel like a bad momma but there is one nice thing about Noah not feeling well.  He's super cuddly and just wants to be held.  At times he's also strangely calm.  Now, of course, he can also be twice as beastly when he doesn't feel well.  Izzy starting showing the same signs as Noah but neither were as sick as Kris so I thought we dodged a bullet.  But then Noah starting feeling better and Izzy got worse.  Last night she could barely talk.  She told me her throat hurt and she didn't feel well.  I will tell you this.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing a two year old with a hoarse voice tell you they don't feel well as the tears start streaming down their face.  Izzy is also very aware of tears now and when she starts crying she knows something is wrong.  She said, "Momma, I have tears."  That makes her cry even more.  I felt so bad for her, especially because she was so sick and in the hospital less than a month ago.  I was up with her all night due to her coughing but she didn't get any worse today.  She drank plenty of fluids and basically laid on the floor and couch with me all day.  Noah, who still isn't feeling well, ran around the room like a wind-up toy with no one to play with…or terrorize.  You would think, being a wind-up toy, he would eventually need someone to wind him up again, but I think he's magic…or something.  Izzy talked to Grandma Burl today before her nap and told her she didn't feel well and her throat hurt.  Then she said, "Feel better soon…"  Aww, bless her sweetness. 

Other happenings with Izzy…She learned a new song from the show 'Little Bill' on Noggin.  Little Bill was singing 'This Little Light of Mine' with his sister and Izzy wanted me to sing it with her.  We always sing a song or two or three at bedtime so this one has been added. 

Sometimes she gets exasperated with Noah and one of the things that drives her crazy is his obsession with taking all of the dvd's out of the entertainment center and out of their cases.  The other day she let out an irritated, impatient gasp and say, "Noah!  Don't take them out of the cases.  Nooaaah! NO!  Put them back!" 

No matter how many times I get after him he keeps doing it.  I guess it's like putting a shoe in a dog bed and telling the dog not to chew it up.  But I refuse to turn my living room into a padded room with nothing but a few Noah friendly toys, meaning stuffed animals, although I'm sure he could find a way to hurt himself or someone else with one.  I also think he may very well chew his way out of a padded room so for now, we deal with it.  And maybe when we finally move, the dented, wood floors will be a new trend or considered vintage and rustic looking.

You know how some parents have to find creative ways to get their children to eat fruit and vegetables?  Izzy was born with a strong sense of independence and will and although I introduced her to healthy eating habits from day one, she can be extremely picky.  Oh, and if you're one of those parents who are lucky enough to have children who would rather chew on a carrot then a pacifier, I envy you.  I tried sneaking fruit and vege's into stuff she liked.  For example, Izzy loves macaroni & cheese so I had the brilliant idea of adding just a little bit of puréed butternut squash to some mac 'n cheese.  She would never be the wiser.  The squash blended in and she didn't see me make it.  Well, I turned out to be the fool.  I gave her the bowl and she sat there for a minute looking into it, not a good sign considering she usually has her face in the bowl and the mac 'n cheese devoured within minutes.  She picked up a noodle, brushed it off and said, "Eww!"  HOW DID SHE KNOW?  Is she psychic?  Does she have some sort of sixth sense?  After that it seemed like I was losing the battle.  No matter what I tried, it didn't work.  But then I discovered my daughter's love of banana bread so I made it really healthy and added everything I could think of that would still make it delicious banana bread but give her some added health benefits.  Then I thought, if she likes banana bread maybe she would eat other types of bread.  So far we've tried zucchini bread and pear bread and she liked them both.  She liked them.  She really liked them.  If I believed in jinxing I wouldn't dare write this for fear of her suddenly deciding she doesn't like bread.  But I shouldn't have to worry about that until the bread starts going straight to her hips and by then I'll have bigger things on my mind, like who's going to take me to bingo…So there you have it.  I just went from being a young mother to an old lady who plays bingo.  How did that happen?  My mind does tend to wander when I start writing.  I don't have much social interaction with anyone over the age of two so writing is an outlet for me.  Plus, I have family, some overseas, who love to know all about how the kids are doing which is why some of my posts are really long. 

Melody, I miss your face.  I think you said that to me once, but I stole it because…I like it.  And it's true.  Obviously, I know who you are, but we all know I'm not the best with remembering names.  I do, however, remember faces.  And, I miss your face.

Happy Sunday           

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