"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

These Things

Things I That I Like
1.      Bleach:  To disinfect the bathtub after Noah poops in it.
2.      Consistent hiding places for pacifiers
3.      The dark:  When it's completely dark in your babies' nursery, they don't really have anything to do except fall asleep, or scream, but eventually they fall asleep.
4.      Sparkly things like my Christmas tree ornaments.  They make me happy.
5.      The color red which also happens to be the color of my Christmas tree ornaments.  They make me happy.

Things That I Don't Like
1.      Noah pooping in the tub as soon as I put him in rather than towards the end.
2.      New hiding places:  If I was playing a game of hide & seek with my children I might not mind a new hiding place.  But when what I'm looking for happens to be the almighty pacifier that my son cannot fall asleep without, I would rather chew glass than spend a ridiculous amount of time running around frantically searching for Noah's pacifier while listening to him scream in his crib.
3.      Pack 'N Plays that cannot stand up to a 26ish lb. wildebeest who likes to do running kicks against it (while he's inside of it), hang from it like a monkey and swing it back and forth so hard that it breaks.
4.      Ocean Wonders Soothing Aquarium:  It does sound soothing and calming doesn't it.  Well, when you spend 20 minutes trying to get the darn thing off the side of the crib, soothing and calming are not the words that come to mind.
5.      My children not falling asleep until late:  Okay, I know this happens sometimes due to different schedules and atmospheres; new transitions, holidays, etc. BUT…My children are so much happier when they are on they're nice, consistent bedtime schedule.

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