"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


My daughter was playing with her Little People Helicopter.  She filled it with Little People and animals from Noah's Little People Ark.  She started flying it around the room.  Then she landed it on the safety gate in the living room.  Sounds perfectly normal right?  I love watching her play and use her imagination.  Then my cute little angel said, "DIE! DIE!"  I asked her why she was saying that.  She replied in the most adorable voice, "Because all the people are going to crash."  I told her that we didn't want anyone to die.  I told her the plane could land instead and all the people would be safe.  She replied, "WHY?"

Everything is answered with a question.  And that question is always WHY?  That is one of my daughter's favorite words.  I wish I could ask 'WHY?' and eventually get the answer I need.  I mean wouldn't that be great.  You're on the phone with someone and you need something explained.  Of course the person you're talking to on the other line sounds clueless but what if you just kept asking 'WHY?'  Would they get irritated?  Would they tell you to stop asking 'WHY?'  Would they hang up on you?  Probably all of the above.

But with cute, little, curious minds you can't get irritated.  You can't tell them to stop asking 'WHY?'  You can't walk out of the room and ignore them.  You have to be patient.  And if you just stop for a moment you might actually discover something new and learn something with your child.  You might just see the world a little differently.  I think children are magnifying glasses for the world.  They see things differently.  Everything is new to them.  When they ask 'WHY?' it's not to annoy you.  It's because they're trying to figure everything out....
Hmmm, maybe I should go figure out where my daughter learned about crashing airplanes and people dying.  I think I'll start with Daddy since last week when we were at Meijer he said the Christmas trees were going to eat Izzy.    

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