"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, November 29, 2009

In A Nut Shell

*We had Thanksgiving at Grandma & Grandpa Crafts house.
*Izzy ate pumpkin muffins with butter.
*Noah ate turkey, potatoes, jello, pumpkin pie, the table and everything on it.
*There was a not so lovely discussion about poop at the dinner table.  (Kris started it, no surprise there:)
*Izzy said that Uncle Josh didn't like her.  Auntie Darla told her that wasn't true and was working on getting them to play together.
*Darla and Izzy turned into box head people.
*Noah went head first into a box and just when we thought he was about to scream because he was almost completely upside down in the box, he flipped the whole thing over.
*Adam left to go wait in line at Target all night so he could get a t.v. (He was fifth in line and got his t.v.)
*We left to go get ready for our trek to the west side the next day.
*On the way home the sugar kicked in and Izzy's head started spinning around as she gleefully cried, "I see Christmas lights", over and over again.

*Kris and I went to visit my friend Sarah who is about the give birth to twins:)
*Noah's one mission was to climb the stairs as much as possible while avoiding detection from the 20+    people in the house.
*Kris passed out in the middle of the living room floor both days. (Again, no surprise there)
*We went from usually having big dogs in the house to having little dogs.  Giselle and Theo were so frickin' cute and I wanted to hide them in my purse and bring them home with me.
*Grandpa told Jordan a joke that he didn't get. (No surprise there)
*Grandpa also read some random story and once I found out what the story was about I felt relieved that I wasn't in the room to hear it and awkward for everyone that was.
*Izzy was still nervous around Uncle Josh.
*Our gift exchange game seemed to last longer than usual because nobody liked their gifts and everyone wanted the skittles and UP movie.  Solution...Next year, bring better gifts.  Better yet, call Trav and ask him what you should bring.  He'll hook you up.
*Izzy locked herself in an upstairs room and as I walked up the stairs I could hear her yelling, "HELP!  HELP ME!"  She was fine by the way.  
*It was nice having so many able to make it for the H. Christmas.
*Aunt Diane seemed almost calmed and reserved.  It was weird.
*Katie turned into a leopard print monk and is dropping out of school to join a convent.
*We watched ELF!
*Noah developed a very bad diaper rash and turned into a sad and miserable beast:(
*Grandpa and Grandma H. got into a car accident on the way home
*We arrived home Sunday afternoon and discovered that someone stole our truck.
*People who steal other people's things suck.
*People who steal other people's things during a holiday really suck.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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