"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, January 22, 2010


When the last toy is picked up and the babies are tucked in bed for the night I take a moment to mentally check off everything from my ever growing list of things that need to be done.  I usually try to knock a few things off my list before going to bed, but once in awhile I take some time for myself.  I read, meditate, or take a bath, and most importantly, bask in the glorious blanket of peace and quiet that has covered my house.  Tonight I decided to indulge in a little treat.  I purchased some wonderful tea and chocolate during my last trip to my parents house.

There is this great place called Anne's Health Food Store.  I used to go when I was younger and I always loved it.  My mom, sister Hillary and I decided to pop in for some goodies and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had moved.  They only moved across the street but the space they had been in before was old, and wasn't much too look at from the outside.  I walked across the street and was greeted by a beautiful store front.  It was so inviting and once we walked inside we were given a warm, friendly greeting.  Hillary and I spent quite awhile browsing the aisles.  We both bought some delicious raw honey, made in Michigan, a big plus.  I also bought a few different selections of tea, organic hazelnut extract, dried fruit, carob treats, and some naughty chocolate.

Hello Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut tea.  You smell delicious.

Hello my love.  I can't wait to eat you.

And check this out.  There is a poem inside.  How frickin' cool is that.  While I'm enjoying my tea and chocolate I get to read some lovely poetry.


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