"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ummm, sometimes I can't think of a title but I don't like it when the title says, "No Title".

Kris and I took Izzy to the Auto Show today.  Izzy was very excited and wanted to sit in every car.  She was little disappointed when she found out we couldn't drive them or even turn them on, but her attention quickly turned to the rotating floor pieces that some of the cards were showcased on.  As we stood on it she said, "Momma!  It's going in a circle."  Yes it was.  A very slow circle.  As we made our way through display after display and sat in car after car, Izzy began to act as if she was in an amusement park.  We would get out of one car and she would say, "Lets go see another car."  It was all very exciting and I'm sure Kris was even more excited when he saw how much Izzy loved all these cars.  She has very good taste too which I'm sure will only become more refined as she grows older dreaming about what she wants her first car to be.

(There is supposed to be a picture of Izzy rocking a sweet ride, but the picture won't load so just use your imagination.)

Noah is going through a rough patch with teething right now.  He has small teeth and molars coming through and I even think I saw a Coast Redwood sprouting its way through his gums.  He's been extremely out of sorts and very tired.  He starts yawning almost from the moment he wakes up.  On a lighter note Noah is oh so polite.  He has been saying 'Thank You' for quiet awhile now, but not completely clear.  I'm marking the day, January 16th, as the day he looked at me, after I handed him something, and said, "Thank You!"  He said it clear as day.  My heart melted and so did my eyes.  Kris was excited but was not moved in the same way I was.  My sweet baby boy says 'Thank You' all the time now.  I love it, and will soak in every ounce of his gratitude as long as I can.

Oh, and on a side note, Kris and I celebrated four years of marriage today.  Well, we didn't as much celebrate as acknowledge it was our anniversary.  We will celebrate at a later time to be determined by the cycles of the moon, my children, Kris's work schedule (curse you 'o night schedule, but thank you 'o job), and ultimately by the will of the universe.  I hope the universe decides to draw Kris and I together for an evening of food, a movie and maybe being able to sleep in the same bed together.

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  1. I know I am leaving this comment a bit late but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I can't believe it has already been four years :) wow! Love you sis.