"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Took Down The Beast

The boat was rocking back and forth.  I began to feel ill and I could see the color on Noah's face start to fade into a greenish shade.  After being violently ill for what felt like hours we thought the worst was over.  But than the boat began to rock harder and the waves began crashing over the side of the boat.  One giant wave swept Noah and I into the cold waters.  We were at the mercy of the ocean, being hurled back and forth among the waves as if they were playing with us.  I held Noah tightly, determined not to let go of him.  We were both exhausted.  Finally, we were rescued and spent the next several days sprawled out on our couch, or floor, sipping refreshments (Pedia Lite) and resting in the care of my daughter, Izzy, who cooked up a storm in her little kitchen, and made homemade medicines that she applied with care to Noah and me. 

(The following may be a bit graphic for weak stomachs)
Okay, so maybe I'm not a great story teller but that is how Noah and I felt these past several days.  At the ripe old age of 17 months, Noah has never had a bad stomach flu.  In fact I don't think he's every really thrown up from being sick.  Well, he made up for that.  We all know how much my son eats in the course of a day, right?  Well, imagine the entire contents of his stomach coming up at once.  I have never in my life seen that much vomit all at once.  And I've seen a lot, trust me.  Noah was absolutely miserable.  He had a fever and was lethargic and not breathing well.  There was finally something that took down the beast.  And it hit him hard.  Normally I would enjoy all the cuddling but I felt so bad for him.  I became ill shortly after Noah and so the story goes.  After the initial being sick, fever, etc., there was just an overwhelming fatigue that hit us.  We're still a bit tired, but we both have a little more energy today:)

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