"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, February 22, 2010

Babies Well-Being Checkup

A snowstorm moved in last night and the roads and weather conditions were horrible this morning.  I am so glad I brought back up with me to the pediatrician.  My mother-in-law came with me and it made it so much easier just getting the babies in and out of the weather.  I took Izzy and Noah to their last checkup by myself and while I handled it like any mom of a bug and beast would, it was quite a challenge and we all took a nap when we got home.  They both did a much better job this time around.  Izzy was a little nervous when she found out we were going to the doctor and kept saying, "Noah's turn first."
She did okay with the nurse but when the Dr. came in and it was her turn she started crying and it took some coaxing and constant reassurance that he was just going to check her heartbeat and see how she was growing.  She let him examine her but had a very serious and very sad look on her face the whole time.  Noah did fine until the Dr. had to remove some nasty wax from ear and then the tears came.  All in all they both did well, whew.  They both had some health concerns I talked to the doctor about but nothing detrimental. 

We're keeping an eye on Noah's breathing issues but other than that he is a healthy, growing boy.  He is in the 75th% for weight and the 90th% for height.
Weight:  34 inches
Height:   28 pounds

We are keeping dairy out of Izzy's diet and working on the rest of her diet issues but other than that she is right on track developmentally.  The doctor thinks she will do fine in preschool.  She is in the 40th% for weight and the 25th% for height
Weight:  29 pounds
Height:   36 inches   

Noah is catching up with Izzy quick and I think by the time he turns two he'll match or out match her stats. 

The Dr. was behind this morning she we had to wait quite awhile.  By the time we got home everyone was hungry and exhausted.  They're taking a good nap right now.  

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