"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, February 01, 2010

Banana Smiley Face

I don't want to eat. 
I don't want bread.
I don't want a pancake.
I don't want eggs.
I don't want a sandwich.
I don't want pears.
I don't want ice cream.
I don't want juice.
I don't want macaroni and cheese.
I don't want an apple.
I don't want yogurt.
I don't want…And the list goes on.

This sounds like someone who is watching what they eat; not a toddler who refuses to eat anything and has a hysterical meltdown whenever we talk about food or say 'it's time to eat'.

Although Izzy has always been picky, we're a little beyond that now.  I have tried every trick of the trade to get my daughter to eat.  All the advice, strategies, and sneaky recipes out there on the internet and the world of books (books, do people even read anymore?)  You name it; I've tried it.  We did determine that Izzy is dealing with some kind of intolerance to dairy so we eliminated some things from her diet and those symptoms stopped.  But she is showing some other behavior that may be indicating a reflux or digestive issue.  We're working with her pediatrician to determine what it is.  She has her 3 year checkup in a few weeks so we'll see where she's at then.  In the mean time, I'm on the front lines in the battle field and yesterday was a victory.  After a meltdown, followed by calm down time, I talked with Izzy for awhile about how I really needed her to eat just a little bit.  She hadn't eaten all day, but she did have some Pedisure.  I made a smiley face with some pieces of banana.  I made a game out eating the banana face with Izzy and she ate the whole face.  It was almost half a banana so I was pleased.  Not that long after she said her tummy hurt:(  My feeling is that she may be dealing with some acid reflux.  It's not like she can say, my esophagus is burning.  But we'll see what her Pedia says.

Izzy had a banana smiley face again today.  Yah!  I know she can't live on bananas but it's a start and it's something right?   

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