"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Have Money?

When you have children, waiting in line at the checkout can feel like an eternity.  Any feelings of being embarrassed quickly go out the door as you try to entertain your children.  Either that or you get impatient, lose your temper and end up snapping or yelling at your children and then it's an embarrassment of a different kind.  Yah, I know as parents we make many, many mistakes.  And lets be honest, our precious little mini-me's are not always so pleasant in public.  But, we're the parents here.  We're supposed to set an example for them.  Children, no matter how old, are very perceptive.  So if they're being curious and inquisitive try to indulge them.  Be patient.  And if they're being naughty and intolerable, bite your tongue and swallow that big gulp of emotions threatening to spill out of you…And in some cases, you may just need to leave the store with your child tucked under your arm.           

Anyway, today in the checkout lane things went pretty smoothly.  Noah and I were playing pirates and Izzy was naming everything on the mini aisle (You know the shelves in the checkout they fill with all sorts of random stuff in case you get to the check out and suddenly realized you forgot to grab some a Pez dispenser or a pack of playing cards.)  Izzy pointed out one item and asked me what it was.  I told her it was a dog treat.  The rest of the conversation played out like this.

Izzy:  "Momma, how much does it cost?" 
Me:  "$2.99"
Izzy:  "I want to buy it." 
Me:  "How are you going to pay for it?"
Izzy:  "With my money."
Me:  "Oh, I didn't know you had money."
Izzy:  "Yah, I'm going to buy it."
(Long Pause)
Izzy:  (With her hands held out to me) "Momma, I have money?"

Whenever I tell Kris stories about Izzy's day, he sometimes says things like; she's too young to be saying stuff like that.  Where did she learn that from?  I tell him that most of it is from us and the rest is from the creative and evolving mind of a 3 year old.  

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