"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Magic Word

Izzy's phrase of the dayMomma:  "Do you like dinosaurs?"
Izzy:  "No, I like kitty cats."

And the magic word is...PRESCHOOL
I've been talking to Izzy about preschool for awhile now.  Once I started talking to her about all the things she will get to do at preschool she was all into it.  She understands that big girls go to preschool.  We're going to enroll her in a summer program to see how she does.  She's desperate to go and I keep telling her that once it gets warmer she'll get to go.

Izzy has given up her tata (pacifier) and is doing very well with potty training.  I realize she's three and some people may think she should have already hit these milestones but every child is different and every parent is different.  I totally agree that sometimes helping your child reach a milestone requires a little push but I also believe that sometimes the best thing for a child is to wait until they show you they are ready.  I want my children to be happy and I do what I feel is best for them.  Izzy has been through a lot this past year and she had a few setbacks with potty training.  Her tata was her best friend and helped her through all the changes that came with a new baby brother and being in the hospital.  It was her security and I just couldn't take it away from her until I felt she was ready.  She gave up her tata this week and handled it like a pro.  No tears, tantrums, nothing.  She knows she's a big girl.  And I told her that big girls don't have tata's (I know this sounds ridiculous, but that's what she has always called it so who am I to judge.)  Anyway, Izzy told me, "Yah, and big girls go to preschool."
Izzy has also started up potty training again this week.  She's doing great.  I keep telling her that big girls use the potty chair in the bathroom.  Izzy says, "Yah, and big girls go to preschool."  I tried a few methods of potty training that just didn't work for Izzy so this time we're potting training a 'la nude, well almost.  I put a top and socks on her and that's it.  She had one accident on the floor and she was upset that she got pee on her legs, socks and the floor.  She told me she wanted pants on and I told her that she could wear pretty panties and pants once she learned how to go potty in her potty chair.  She's been doing well since then and I basically spend all day asking her every 10-15 minutes if she has to use the potty.  When she does have to go she'll say in a really hurried voice, "Momma, have to go potty now."  We'll run to the bathroom, she sits down and does her business:)  I'm so proud of her.

Noah is showing me more and more every day that he's growing up.  We always have story time before nap and at night before bed.  Usually Noah's interest goes as far as chewing on one of the books.  But now he runs over to the shelf, picks out a book and wants to sit on my lap, *tear.  He's talking more and just acting more like a little boy than a baby in general.  Sigh, it has to happen and I do love watching them grow and change into these amazing little beings.  Ah, it's bittersweet.

My brain hurts.  I need to rest.  I also need an asian veggie burger with whole wheat pasta.  YUM!

Bye for now...

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