"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Evolution of Noah…so far

I was in the kitchen washing dishes.  I heard Izzie, from the living room, start crying and saying, "Noah, No..."  Before I could even put the cup down that was in my hand, Izzie let out a blood curdling scream (does blood even curdle?)  I ran into the living room as Noah came running out with…a fist full of hair…human hair…Izzie's hair.  Izzie was holding the back of her head sobbing and said, "Noah pulled my hair."  Well, dear, he actually ripped out your hair, but you don't need to know that.  Izzie wouldn't have been too happy with seeing her beautiful strands of hair in Noah's hands.  I quickly looked Izzie over and found red splotches at the nape of her neck where Noah had enacted his death grip.  Then, I took Noah into the nursery.  I did some of the talking, and then Mr. Spoon did some of the talking.

This isn't something new with Noah.  He started pulling Izzie's hair a few weeks ago, hmm.  I wonder what he'll do next.  I was in the middle of this thought when I decided to think back to the very beginning.  The very moment my sweet baby boy graced us with presence.   

Well, not the exact moment.  Childbirth isn't pretty.  I thought we would clean him up a little.  And boy, does he look pissed off.  This is what I call 'The Angry Kris Face''. For real, this is the exact face Kris makes when he's angry or the slightest bit irritated, except usually his eyes are open.  Noah still makes this face.  And so does Kris.  Anyway, here is a very brief look of the progression of Noah's behavior, aggression, temper, personality, whatever you want to call it...   

High pitch screaming
Growling, yelling, other loud unintelligible sounds
Throwing objects
Smacking objects or people with his hands
Biting (That only lasted a couple of weeks.  Apparently he found other, more productive ways of getting his point across.)
Using his body as a weapon:  Throwing himself on someone in order to cause bodily harm; launching himself off the couch in order to land on someone and cause bodily harm; bouncing himself off the wall in order to smash into someone and cause bodily harm.
Shoving Izzie to the ground
Pulling Izzie to the ground
Pulling Izzie's hair
Grabbing a hold of Izzie's hair and pulling her to the ground or pulling her off a chair or other object.

But Izzie still loves her brother...

And Noah still loves his sister...

Okay, so he's not lovin' on her right now.  But pay attention.  They are sharing the keyboard bench, and playing the piano together.  They are singing together.  They are playing together nicely.  This lasted for awhile.  And it ended, not because Noah threw her off or yanked her off by her hair, but because he was simply done playing the piano and so was she.  

The evolution of Noah continues...


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