"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's in a Nickname...

My sister Melody informed me that I needed to post every 35 minutes and while I couldn't do that, unless I wanted to relinquish control of my home in which case I would most certainly lose my head, I thought I would post this now so she can read it when she wakes up...all the way over in South Korea.  Hopefully, I will be asleep when she does read this.  Shout out Mel!  I love you!  *Muah*  

It became very clear to me shortly after Noah was born that he was going to be a Tasmanian Beast (I prefer using the worst beast over devil).  We called him 'Peanut' because he was so tiny at birth.  That didn't last long.  My sister called him 'B' (short for ball) because he would curl himself up into a little ball and stay in that position forever looking so peaceful.  That didn't last long either.  We called him 'fuzzy' because his hair has always been super fuzzy.  We called him 'curly' because most of his hair gravitates towards this one curl on the top of his head that just keeps getting bigger and curlier.  We called him 'Linus' because he carries his blanket everywhere.  All of the cute little nicknames we gave him would last for a few days or maybe a week but in the end we always came back to calling him 'Beast'.  At first my mom wasn't too happy about everyone calling him Beast.  She thought Bam Bam conveyed Noah's personality and was way cuter than Beast.  I totally agreed.  I think there are plenty of cuter nicknames than Beast.  So we tried calling him Bam Bam.  We even had a Bam Bam birthday cake for his first birthday.  But it didn't last.  And I think everyone understands now.  The more people see him and the more time people spend with him they realize that Noah is, has always been, and will always be...Beast.

When I talk about Noah to people who don't know him or spend much time with him they say to me, Oh, he can't be that bad.  I rather enjoy seeing the looks on their face changing from pure joy to pure horror as they see him in all his beastliness.  Okay maybe horror is an exaggeration but there definitely is a change of demeanor.   I visit my parents once or twice a month.  My two little brothers are the only ones left living at home and they spend a lot of time with Izzy and Noah when I visit.  I get to sleep in and take an afternoon nap if I want.  I get to have quiet time during the day or catch up with friends.  I get a break from my children, which is good for both of us.  They get to spend time with their Uncles and Nanna and Papa; I get to rest and have some time to myself.  It's not like I abandon them.  Even if I'm tired and stressed I still love spending every moment with my babies.  But it's important and necessary for me to take a time-out occasionally.  No one wants a cranky Momma.  Anyway, every time I go to my parents they find that Noah has evolved.  My brothers will be so excited and ready for action when we arrive and passed out on the floor from exhaustion when we leave.  After watching them for a few hours or the whole day my little bro Jordan will say something like, "They really tired me out", or "They never stop moving."  I reply, "Yah, I know.  Why do you I come here for a visit."  And then there's Izzy, who is my dramatic, creative, musical, never stop dancing, in a band, opinionated, determined princess…among other things.  

But that's another post for another day.

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