"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you ever wanted a do-over? What about a do-over day...or a do-over week? I really could have used one of those last week. It wasn't any more crazy than normal, but sometimes the lack of sleep gets to me and I just want to crawl in my massive pile of laundry and pass out from the smell of week old, dirty laundry.
Do you prefer laptops or computers? I much prefer computers, at least our computer; when it's not being ridiculous, which it still is. Our computer screen is bigger, cleaner, the keyboard is easier to type on, and it's in a more comfortable location. Kris's laptop is smaller, dusty, and is covered in fingerprints and the marks of being lugged around everywhere, from work to church to...wherever. It can only be set up in the dining room because of the hook up. None of those things actually bother me. It's the keyboard. It's smaller and I find myself backspacing and erasing as much as I'm typing. Anyway, who cares about my computer drama. I honestly haven't had any extra time to blog, window shop all the adorable must-have or just-need baking/cooking items on my favorite sites, or surf the web for the latest fashions in clothing. (This is completely untrue. You would laugh if you knew what I wear on a daily basis.) I'm a t-shirt and yoga pants girl all the way. Wearing the latest fashions just isn't conducive to my lifestyle. What was I saying? I have a complete inability to stay on topic? No, my son just monkey climbed me and slid down my leg like a slide? No, my children have taken every single second of my life and ounce of my energy over the past couple of weeks? Oh, yes, that's what I was getting to. I've barely had time to let my head hit the pillow before being woken by a daughter with leg cramps or a son whose tooth refuses to see the light of day. I am happy to report now that Izzie is finding comfort in her leg massages and Noah's tooth finally surfaced.

Here's a short recap of last week:

Izzie put me under various sleeping spells. Maybe she was trying to help me find a quiet place. While under a sleeping spell I could escape her constant sobbing and whining from the things that caused her such distress. Her colored pencils fell on the ground. Noah took her toy. There was a hair in the bath tub. She didn't want to take a nap. She couldn't put her puzzle together. Noah knocked her puzzle pieces on the floor. Her show wasn't on t.v. She couldn't remember the words to one of her songs. She didn't want to pick up her toys. It was too windy outside. There was a bug on her (Really, it was her hair brushing against the back of her neck, but it took me awhile and a thorough body search to ensure her that there were no bugs on her.) There was a bug on her toy outside. There were too many bugs outside. She thought the bugs could get inside. She was bored. She was tired. She was hungry.

Noah's artistic side is evolving. It's amazing what Beast can do with a couple of crayons and his nursery walls. Izzie was not impressed, especially since most of the artwork ended up on her walls and on her bed sheet. I reminded Izzie of when she started expressing her creative side and decorated her nursery with Vaseline.

Izzie has found one of the many callings in her life. She is an excellent shiatsu masseuse. Her balance is improving every day. She just needs to gain a bit of weight and I'll be in heaven.

Noah is starting to talk more. He says things like, "Bye, I love you. See you later." It's not clear enough to understand every word but it's clear enough to get what's he saying and it's so adorable. I cry on a daily basis. He gives me kisses and loves to sing. It more than makes up for the pain he inflicts on me from using me as a jungle gym or target practice. He responds when you ask him a question and you can tell he's understanding more. He also has a new sound, grunt, roar, whatever you want to call it. It's his new call of the wild or maybe he's just evolving. He sounds like a baby lion. He roars to try and intimidate Dakota, which let's face it, isn't too hard. He roars just when he's going in for the attack. He roars when he enters a room, making his presence known. If he wasn't so darn cute, I might approach him with caution.

Other than Izzie's unusually whiny week, nothing out of the ordinary happened...except that she thinks I have a giant spider coming out of my shoulder. Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago I had something removed from shoulder. Not a big deal, just your average dermatofibroma. I had stitches and had to keep a bandage over it. Izzie knew I had an 'owie' and she was very careful about not being to rough with me. Noah, who lacks the capacity to understand what being careful means, was a little too rough on more than one occasion. Okay, I confess. I was picking him up from the changing table and he gave me a playful bite on my shoulder. I almost dropped him. I yelped! He roared, gave me a kiss and ran off. I did feel bad about almost dropping him. Even though he's tough and it probably wouldn't have fazed him. Anyway, back to my 'owie'. I had seven stitches, which I thought was a bit ridiculous, but whatever. Izzie had only seen the bandage. One evening she walked into the bathroom when I was cleaning my shoulder before putting on a clean bandage. She looked at my shoulder, immediately shrunk back and said, "Momma, there's a spider on your shoulder." I got down to her level and said, "Izzie, it's not a spider. They're called stitches and they're going to help my 'owie' heal." I thought showing her the stitches close up would help her see it wasn't a spider, but I was wrong. She completely freaked out and backed out of the bathroom saying, "No, Momma, it's a spider coming out of your shoulder." Wonderful. I put a bandage on my shoulder and out of sight-out of mind seemed to work for Izzie. I had the stitches removed yesterday and the area looks pretty good but I'm going to give it another day before showing Izzie that the stitches are gone and I do not have a spider coming out of my shoulder. I just shuddered when I typed that. I really do not like spiders.

So, this laptop is kind of freakin' out on me and keeps changing the font and reformatting stuff.  It's starting to get on my nerves...I hope we get our computer situation sorted out soon. Especially since all my photos are on the computer.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Oh, and make sure to click on the link on the right under 'Home Movies'. I just made a YouTube channel for Izzie and the Beast. It's a fast and convenient way for me to upload videos of the babies. Enjoy!

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