"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Izzie likes to asks questions. Anytime. Anywhere. All day.  It doesn't bother me.  Maybe because I'm a girl.  Maybe because I like to talk a lot.  Maybe because I've programmed myself to tune them out and put myself on auto answer. I do get annoyed by things.  For example, I gave Izzie and Noah my old, Yamaha keyboard from when I was kid.  It has a demo on it that plays possibly the most annoying song ever written and goes through all the sounds on the keyboard.  I don't know why, but Noah loves to play the demo.  He presses the button, dances for a minute and walks away...but he leaves the demo on.  I turn it off.  He comes back over turns it on and walks away.  I turn it off.  He turns it on.  This goes on forever.  I look at him and say, "Beast, you're not even listening to it."  I'm sure he's thinking, "That's not the point, Momma.  It annoys you."  No, I'm sure he just likes pushing the button.  But, Izzie's constant curiosity doesn't bother me.

Yesterday I took the kids for a walk.  We love going for walks.  Sometimes we go twice in one day.  Izzie's mind is always working.  She always has a million questions to ask.  When we got home, I starting thinking about everything she asked me on our walk.  I thought, she probably asked me over a 100 questions.  Well, here's 106.  I don't know why I stopped at 106.  I could have stopped at 107, but I like even numbers.  Odd numbers freak me out.  I only put down the questions she asked, but in between all these questions were my answers and a lot more conversation from her.

For example:     

Izzie:  I hear motorcycle.  I see it.  I see a motorcycle.  Where did it go?  I don't see it. 

Izzie:  What people doing?
Momma:  They're talking.
Izzie:  Oh, what they saying?
Momma:  I don't know.
Izzie:  Where they going?
Momma:  I don't know.
Izzie: They go to their house?
Momma:  Maybe...Sweetie, but you need to mind your own business.

WARNING:  The following may induce stress, anxiety or panic attack.  If you are not around small children on a regular basis please read on with caution.
  1. What broke?
  2. What happened?
  3. Did you look both ways?
  4. Where's that dog?
  5. Is he back there?
  6. Is he behind the fence?
  7. Is there more than one dog?
  8. What's that sound?
  9. Which way we going?
  10. Where did moon go?
  11. Where did airplane go?
  12. Where it going?
  13. Where it taking people?
  14. Where people?
  15. What they doing?
  16. What's that?
  17. What's that sound?
  18. Where did rock go?
  19. Where did motorcycle go?
  20. What people doing?
  21. What they playing?
  22. What's game?
  23. Where soccer ball go?
  24. What Noah doing?
  25. What's that sound?
  26. He's going in his house?
  27. What girl doing?
  28. Why they running?
  29. What's the bus for?
  30. Is that my preschool?
  31. Where's my preschool?
  32. Are we at CVS?
  33. Where's stoplight?
  34. Why we stop?
  35. Where's white man? (the white man that signals it's time to cross the street)
  36. Why is hand flashing?
  37. Where is it?
  38. I don't see it?
  39. Where CVS?
  40. What's that bump?
  41. Why we turning?
  42. Why we going slow?
  43. Where leaf go?
  44. We're here?
  45. Where did man go?
  46. What he doing?
  47. What's nosy mean?
  48. What's that toothpaste?
  49. What's Colgate? 
  50. Why we go down here?
  51. What they doing?
  52. We get my medicine?
  53. Where's my medicine?
  54. Why we stop?
  55. You have money?
  56. What CVS mean?
  57. What's that sound?
  58. We go to Nino's?
  59. What's that gate?
  60. What people doing?
  61. What they saying?
  62. Where they going?
  63. They go to their house?
  64. What's mind my business?
  65. Where's corn?
  66. You like strawberries?
  67. What we need?
  68. We need that?
  69. What's that sound?
  70. Where grapes?
  71. Where's snack?
  72. We don't need lemons?
  73. What's that smell?
  74. What's artichoke?
  75. What's it for?
  76. Why bananas green?
  77. What's ripe?
  78. What we need now?
  79. What's hummus?
  80. I have my snack now?
  81. We go home?
  82. It's getting dark?
  83. What's that for?
  84. Why we stop?
  85. Where car go?
  86. Why people running?
  87. Where sun go?
  88. We go home and have milk?
  89. They still playing?
  90. They have soccer ball?
  91. Who win?
  92. Where caterpillar go?
  93. Why Noah roar?
  94. We go home now?
  95. And have our milk?
  96. This our street?
  97. Where's dog?
  98. Is dog there?
  99. Where's our house?
  100. Why we stop?
  101. Why we cross street?
  102. Where's Dakota? (Our dog)
  103. Where's Art? (Our neighbor)
  104. Where's moon?
  105. Where did moon go? 
  106. We have bath now?
I answer every question, as best I can.  I mean, if I asked someone a question, I would want them to answer me.  This is how she learns and discovers the world.  She is thirsty for knowledge and the world is her oyster.  The possibilities of what she may be when she grows up are endless.  Okay, I know, she three.  Right now she switches between wanting to be a doctor and a ballerina when she grows up; both great choices I think.   

Although, a career in fashion may be another great choice. 

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