"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, May 15, 2010

C is for Cookie

Noah's language has been evolving over the past few weeks.  He speaks mostly gibberish but it's so stinkin' cute.  I'll pick him up and ask him how he's doing and he'll just go on and on in his little baby gibberish talk telling me about all sorts of important things going on his life.  He's also starting to repeat words you ask him to say.  Yesterday he repeated Elmo, bubbles, bath, and my personal favorite...COOKIE!  It was the way he said it.  My heart almost stopped it was so cute.

His favorite thing to do is run up to you and and say HI!  He does it with as much enthusiasm as possible.  It's as if he hasn't seen you for years or all his life and he's so happy.  I almost die every time he does it.  He still doesn't say Daddy that often.  Since the first time he said my name, I've been Momma.  Then a short time ago he started calling me Mommy.  A few weeks ago he started calling me Mamie.  I don't know if it's a natural progression towards Amie.  Momma-Mommy-Mamie-Amie...Perhaps.  I just hope he doesn't doesn't start calling me Amie until his moody adolescent years.  And even then I won't have it.  

I am with the babies almost 24/7 and even though I love having me time, whether it's at the gym, store, or on a mini-vaca without them (which is rare), I miss them terribly.  I love them more and more each day.  I go to the grocery store and while I'm waiting in line flipping through magazines, all I can think about is the wonderful greeting I'll get from my children when I arrive home.  When I'm at the gym and need a little extra motivation, I think of Noah flying in the air off my legs screaming, "Blast Off"; I think, I can do this and push myself harder.  When I think about going to visit one of my sisters I weigh heavily on whether or not I'm going to take Izzie, because I'll miss her.  And of course, I'll miss Noah but if I have one of them with me, that's not as bad as having neither of them with me.  Oh, boy.  I think I need a vacation from my thoughts.  Maybe then, my eye will stop twitching...For real though, there is nothing wrong with feeling and showing your children unconditional love every second of their lives.  Love is what gives us life.  Amen

In other news, Izzie and Beast helped wash the cars today.  First car wash of the season and the first time they've helped so of course, I have pictures.  I'll put some up later. 

Enjoy this beautiful, beautiful weather...      

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