"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, June 04, 2010

I don't like fruits and vegetables.

I just realized that I never posted this.  I wrote it a couple of days before the Fried Worms post.  I realize the whole eating healthy thing seems to be a trend in my topics right now, but it's one of the things that consumes my life.  I'm all for butter, sugar, and anything else unhealthy you can throw at me, but all in moderation.  I experiment a lot with other ingredients to sweeten my baked goods.  I have another blog coming soon. (I know, the notice has been there for awhile.) I am going to post the first recipe soon, promise.  Anyway, you will notice in the recipes Izzie and I come up with that they range from healthy and figure friendly to not so healthy and adding a little love to your love handles.  

Happy Friday!  I just sang that in an opera voice as I typed it.  You didn't know I could sing opera did you?  One of the many things you don't know about me:)  I can also tuck my legs behind my ears and sound exactly like the munchkins from 'The Wizard of Oz'.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that the weeks start to slow down a bit. 

The other day my daughter announced to me, "I don't like fruits and vegetables."  Well, I'm just doing a great job.  This does not stop Izzie from wanting to buy fruits and veges.  Yesterday we went to Nino's and as we walked in Izzie said, "PEACHES!  LET'S GET SOME!"  There was a young woman picking out some peaches who seemed quite happy about Izzie's excitement over the peaches.  I asked Izzie if she wanted to get some.  She enthusiastically replied, "YES!"  I asked her if she was going to try a bit.  She replied, "No, I don't like peaches."  I asked her who was going to eat the peaches then.  She said, "You, and Daddy and Noah."  I explained to the young woman that while my daughter wants to make sure the rest of us get our daily servings of fruits and vegetables she is extremely picky.  I did get some peaches because I love them and I even let Izzie help me pick them out.  I also bagged a few cherries because Izzie insisted on them.  She is obsessed with cherries right now.  Whenever she sees them, she wants to get some.  Not for her, but me of course.  I try to get her as close to the object of her distaste as possible.  When she won't try something that I prepare for her, I at least get her to use some of her senses.  I'll give her a piece of fruit or other food and have her hold it and smell it.  I'll have her put it up to her mouth and just take a lick.  After she takes a lick sometimes she'll take a bite and spit it out; sometimes she'll take a bit and announce, "Well, I tried it and I liked it."

I try not to get stressed or discouraged about getting Izzie to eat healthy because I would go crazy, but it definitely takes a lot of patience and time.  It would be easier to give her whatever she wants but I emphasize healthy here.  I do not my want my daughter to turn into a giant cookie.  First of all, Noah would eat her.  Second, she would melt in the sun.  There are two kinds of fruit she does love; grapes and certain kinds of apples.  The only time I can get vegetable in her is if I'm able to sneak it in her food without her realizing.  That doesn't work very often but when it does I do a secret party dance inside.    

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