"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


One day last week I dropped the beast off and Bepa and Grandma's house for a little bit and took Izzie to Old Navy so she could pick out a new bathing suit.  As we were walking in the mall to Old Navy I asked her what color bathing suit she wanted.  "PINK!"  I asked her what color flip flops she wanted.  "PINK!"  I asked her what color sunglasses she wanted.  Guess what she said.  Are you ready for this?  "PINK!"  I asked her what other color she wanted in case they didn't have pink.  "PINK!"  We walked into Old Navy and it took her about a second to spy what she wanted.  It was pink, and frilly, and girly.  It was a pink, tutu bathing suit.  Izzie saw it and said, "My pink bathing suit.  It's perfect."  I really wish you all could hear the way she says things.  She's so expressive and dramatic.  She doesn't just say something.  Every word she says has character.  She gives her conversations life.  I love it.  Anyway, I picked out one other bathing suit for her; an orange one with a big sunflower on the front.  At first Izzie wanted pink flip flops but then she saw the yellow ones and wanted those instead.  Done.  She picked out her pink sunglasses and declared, "I'm ready, lets go."  Okay, that was easy.

     The 'Too Cool' look

The 'Too Cute' look

ruffle butt...so cute, I can't stand it.
(Even though the pic turned out horribly I had to include this pic)

Noah didn't want a pink, tutu bathing suit.  Actually, he didn't want a suit at all.  He would have been perfectly happy had I let him go A 'la Nude.

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