"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, June 14, 2010

Watcha been up to Izzie

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I totally meant to put up a post before I left for my parents but time ran away from me.  It's always crazy trying to get luggage, pack 'n plays, and the kitchen sink packed up with two babies running around.  Kris is usually working and is only able to join us at my parents if it's a family get together so I try to plan ahead and have everything ready to go.  But we all know how that works out.  Izzie and Noah always know when we're going somewhere and insist on helping.  Izzie tries to carry stuff outside and ends up getting trampled by a suitcase.  Noah's idea of helping is to unpack everything I pack.  If I put the gate up and keep them in the living room then they scream and either destroy the living room and/or each other.  In the end, we always head out with everything need, (minus one or two things I don't realize I've left until it's too late to turn around), most importantly my children, who are strapped in their car seats ready to go to Nana and Papa's.

Sooo, I will post all about the weekend later, which included my lil' bro's open house, the cutest baby that made me want to have another baby pronto, and an unfortunate incident involving a tractor and a wall.  For now, I want to catch you up on Izzie.  Most of this post is about Izzie's conversations, which as you know, are never boring.

Last week Izzie found me lying face first on the bed with my arms dangling off the sides.  I had a pretty wicked migraine and I was just resting for a minute.  Izzie came over and asked me what was wrong.  I told her that Momma's head hurt.  She gently patted my arm and whispered, "I'll be right back."  She came back in with an assortment of doctor tools and her wooden kitchen utensils.  She told me she was the doctor and that she was going to fix me.  I asked her what happens when she goes to the doctor.  This is what she said.  
"First the doctor gets his tools out.  
He checks me with his tools.  
He checks my heart beat.
Then I get a popsicle."

Aw, bless.  She doesn't get a popsicle when she goes to the doctor but I think she was referring to when she was in the hospital and after the doctor checked her, the nurse would bring her a popsicle.  Oh, and Izzie fixed me right up.  She has the makings of a great doctor:)  A few days ago, Izzie came up to me and said I was sick and the doctor was going to fix me.  Okay, I didn't realize I was sick but maybe she knew something I didn't.  I laid down on the bed next to Kris, who was resting his eyes for a moment, and waited for Izzie to fix me.  She comes in the room and says, "The doctor is going to fix you."  Then she walks out.  I thought she was going to get her 'tools'.  She comes back in a few minutes later and says, "You're all better Momma.  The doctor fixed you."  I said, "Izzie you didn't check me with your tools."  Izzie replied, "The doctor fixed you.  Come on doctor.  Time to go."  The she holds out her hand and proceeds to lead the 'doctor' out.  I turned to Kris and said, "Does Izzie have her first imaginary friend?"  Kris looked at me and said, "Well, at least it's a doctor."

I think I've mentioned before that Izzie starts to go through Papa and Nana withdrawal after not seeing them for about two weeks.  Last week Izzie started talking about how she missed them and couldn't wait for Travis's Congratulations party.  One night when I was giving her a bath she was playing with her Little People and giving them their own bath in some little bowls.  This is the conversation that played out between Izzie's Little People.

It's time for your bath.
I don't want to take a bath.  I want to go to Nana and Papa's house.
But you can't go to Nana and Papa's house.
But I want to take a bath with Nana.
But you can't take a bath with Nana.
But why can't I take a bath with Nana? 
Because Nana's not your best friend anymore.

This conversation went on and on for quite awhile, and it's hilarious because whenever she plays with her Little People she talks in this little, high pitched voice and changes the pitch just a little for each character.  All is well now.  We're at my parents and we'll be back in two weeks so she shouldn't miss them too much. 
 For the most part, Izzie is not a shy girl.  She kinda of goes through phases.  Sometimes she thrives on being around lots of people and sometimes crowds freaks her out.  We were at Costco last weekend and it was insane, as it always is on the weekend.  Usually just one of us goes, but Kris and I took both the kids, just to get them out for a bit.  There were carts every which way and people shouting and lines zigzagging down aisles.  It was chaos.  We got back to the van with our loot and as I was strapping Izzie into her seat this is what she said.

"I like you Momma.  I like Daddy too.  I don't like other people."

This next conversation with Izzie probably deserves it's own post, but I think it will do fine right here.  Everyone knows that getting Izzie to eat fruits and vegetables, really anything healthy, is like planning a CIA covert operation.  Now, I know peanut butter is neither a fruit or a vegetable but it's a guaranteed way to get protein in her.  If you I use all-natural peanut butter it's good for her.  It fills her up.  It's something she eats every day, either in between bread or with apples (which is the only fruit she will eat).  She has liked peanut butter ever since she was a introduced to it at age one.  Of all the things she's fallen out of love with, bananas for example, she has never fallen out of love with peanut butter.  I'm sure you can see where this is going.  One day last week Izzie was eating her peanut butter sandwich for lunch, just like she does every day, and then she asked me a question.  It was simple question.  But I knew if I answered it correctly it things could end badly.

Izzie: What's peanut butter?

Momma: It's peanut butter.

Izzie: But what's in it?

Momma: Peanut butter

Izzie: But what's in it?

Momma: (hesitation) Peanuts

Izzie: I don't like peanuts.

Momma: You've never had peanuts before.

Izzie: But I don't like them.

Momma: But you like peanut butter.

Izzie: But I don't like peanuts.

Momma: Don't think about peanuts. Think about peanut butter.

Izzie: I'm all done.

Momma: You need to finish your sandwich.

Izzie:  I don't like it.

Momma:  You love peanut butter.

Izzie:  I don't like it anymore.

*Sigh...It was a sad day for peanut butter.  I told Kris.  He didn't believe me at first.  I called my dad and told him.  He couldn't believe it either.  Over the next couple of days I tried to get Izzie to eat peanut butter.  It was not happening.  Then on the third day of the peanut butter strike, I made her and Noah peanut butter sandwiches.  It was grocery day and I didn't really have anything else to give them.  Izzie walked into the kitchen and asked me what I was making for lunch.  I said, "Peanut butter sandwiches..."  She had a look of thought on her face and after a moment said, "There's no more peanuts in the peanut butter?"  Always being quick on my feet I responded, "Nooo, there's no more peanuts in the peanut butter."  Izzie sat down at her table.  I put the peanut butter sandwich in front of her.  She ate the whole sandwich.  Wow, I wish everything was that easy.

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