"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Watcha been up to Noah?

Am I the only that feels like the weeks and months are going by super fast?  We're already into June and one of my little bro's is having his graduation open house this weekend.  I use the term 'little bro' loosely since he's almost a foot taller than me.  I'm starting to realize I use a lot of terms loosely.  I don't like to restrict myself to one interpretation of someone or something.  I'm sarcastic.  I like giving the broadest definition possible.  I'm sarcastic.  Take your pick.

*Excuse Me...I'll be back.*

Sorry, I had to tend to someone who just had a ball drop kicked in their face.  Both parties are fine, and down for a nap now.

Last weekend we had a ton of rain and wind.  It just wouldn't let up.  The National Weather Service said there were eight confirmed tornadoes in Michigan, most of them in West Michigan.  Over here on the East side we had three confirmed tornadoes.  I couldn't really take the kids out in torrential downpours so we mostly chilled inside.  The kids do pretty well inside.  I have lots of stuff to keep them busy.  And like I said before, it seems like the weeks are going by so quickly.

I decided to do a separate post for the babies to catch you all up.  I like to let the kids shine on their own, or something like that.  First up is Noah.   

Noah is just as cute and ferocious as can be.  He's talking more every day and sings longer in his bed when he should be sleeping.  He's imitating everything I do and all the sounds I make. For example, I gag. a lot.  It can't be helped.  I have a bad gag reflex.  Everything makes me gag; allergies, smells, food.  It's not pretty and definitely not one of my better qualities.  Noah has started to imitate my gagging sound.  I should be so proud.  I wonder if he thinks it's some form of communication.  It's hilarious when he does it; not so much when I do it.  Hopefully, he'll grow out of it.  I can just picture him trying to impress a girl and gagging in her face.   

One thing I'm not so sure Noah will ever grow out of his habit of throwing cups.  I have to watch out for flying cups on a daily basis.  It's one of the hazards of my job.  I've been injured before.  I wonder if I can get compensated for that?  Hmm, I'll have to get on that.  Whenever Noah finishes his drink he throws his cup.  I'm not talking about a gentle toss to the ground or throw in the sink.  He's got a good arm.  Sometimes his cup will land across the room, hit someone in the head or in the face.  He's broken a picture frame, a few toys and my face.  I swear he did.  He also continues to leave his mark everywhere.  Everywhere I look I see the 'mark of the beast'; on the floors, the walls, the toys, my face, his face and arms and legs and pretty much everywhere else on him.

I discovered something the other day in one of the cupboards.

 Just a normal box of jello.  
I realize to some of you sugar-free jello may not be normal.  

 From the back you can tell something got into this box of jello.

 Do I have mice?  Really, that's the last thing I need right now.
A problem with rodents?  

 More like a problem with Beast.

Noah is about to introduce another tooth to the world.  And it's putting up a good fight.  He's been chewing on everything in sight.

 Hi Dora!

 This is one of Izzie's 'special' books.  
I have a stash of little books and other trinkets I use as rewards for Izzie. 

 This Dora book has seen better days. 

 Oh, Beast.

Izzie was very upset.  She came running out of her room in the most dramatic way and exclaimed, "MY SPECIAL BOOK!  LOOK MOMMA!  LOOK WHAT NOAH DID!  (Insert huge pouty face)

I could say that not much else is new with Noah just so I could end this post, but the truth is there is always something new with Noah.  So I'll leave you with this...

Three things I did over the weekend:

1)  Looked up overdose information on toothpaste.
2)  Gave Noah a breathing treatment.  I opted for the mask and it worked much better.  He cried and sobbed at first but calmed down after a bit.  He looked like and sounded like a mini Darth Vader.  It still breaks my heart every time I have to give him a treatment.
3)  I took Noah off whole milk and switched him to organic soy milk (for now...we'll see if it helps)

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