"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bacon, Boo Boo's and Bonfires

Do you ever find yourself looking at your computer screen, or words on a page and everything begins to blur together or you start seeing double?  That happened to me tonight...when I was looking at my children.  Lack of sleep? Definitely...In general I don't sleep well, but I have patches of time where sleep is somewhat of a dream that never comes.  This week has been foggy but fun.  My 'lil bro Jordan came back with me and the babies on Monday.  My dad actually offered Jordan up to me for the week.  I guess he ran out of jobs for him to do around the house, kidding.  For real, Jordan loves coming to visit.  I provide him with an endless supply of Mountain Dew and in return, he helps me out with the babies.  When I say 'help out' I mean 'do whatever Izzie tells him to do'.  It's like 'Simon Says' only when you don't do what Simon says, you don't take a step back.  You face Izzie.  Don't be fooled by her sweet face.  She has her Uncle's wrapped around her cute, little finger...more like her whole hand.

This week in pictures

I swear the camera does strange things to my skin.  I do not claim that pasty thigh.  Izzie, why are you hiding underneath Momma's leg?  You'll find out tomorrow.  

My mad scientist creating a masterpiece
 I know this is a horrible picture, and my son has all of a sudden turned sort of reddish, but can we take a moment to appreciate the hair...hollar

We made this...Peanut Butter Bacon Blondies.  The recipe is from HowSweetEats
They are almost too good to describe.  Make them.  They might change the way you think of bacon.

 One of Noah's many boo boo's.  This one caused a few tears.

 Quickly remedied with Grapes...all is well again.

 Bonfire...Urban Style

 Umm, Jordan aren't you forgetting something?

 I'm starving. Can't you tell? I haven't eaten in days. I'm wasting away. Please feed me.

No camera tricks here.  This ice cream was purple and it was indeed delicious.  I don't use black berries that often but I thought, in ice cream?..Anyone would eat it.  Even my daughter, and she did.  Hello, it's purple.  She declared it her favorite, purple ice cream.  I made the 'evil variation' and added chunks of milk chocolate at the end.  Too. Die. For.  My taste buds were in heaven.  My stomach was in...well, we won't go there.


It has been confirmed, once again, that my dog, who is supposed to protect me from all living creatures great or small is a wuss.  He just freaked out over a massive horseshoe fly.  Not just a horseshoe fly, but a dying horseshoe fly.  The dying horseshoe fly flew in my face and I jumped out of my chair.  The horseshoe fly then landed on the floor near Dakota's bed and appeared to be living out it's final moments.  I told Dakota to get it.  Dakota sniffed the horseshoe fly.  The horseshoe fly flinched, and Dakota ran out of the room.  I removed the horseshoe fly from the premises and Dakota is now in his bed looking at me with embarrassment.  He let the horseshoe fly get the best of him.  It's okay Dakota.  It happens...

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