"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Hangover

I drove to the West side on Thursday.  My sister Grace met up with me at Mom and Dad's.  On Friday, Grace and I headed to Chicago to visit our city sister, Hillary.  I left my babies at my parents house where they could swim and sandbox it. 

We had a great time in Chicago.  Grace and Hillary were both celebrating monumental (too strong?) birthday's.  Grace was leaving her teen years behind and starting strong as a twenty year old woman.  Ah, to be twenty again and have your whole life ahead of you.  I feel old.  Hillary was turning twenty-two which in itself is great because even numbers rock.  Also, she's had a good two years into her twenties and has already accomplished much, traveled to some super cool places, and has set some great goals for the future.  My sister's rock, all of them...    

So Chicago...We walked, had brunch at Southport Grocery, shopped, walked, drank wine, met some great people, drank some more wine, walked, shopped some more, went to the zoo, dined at Tango Sur where I had the most amazing Tilapia, and finished off the weekend with more shopping.  It was a great weekend and as Grace and I drove across the Skyway Bridge and headed into Indiana, our hearts were tinged with a bit of sadness.  We love you Chicago.  But when I arrived at Mom and Dad's and saw my sweet babies running towards to me yelling, "MOMMA!", I melted.  I would like to mention an amazing accomplishment for the weekend.  I only mentioned the babies once or twice.  For real, that's impressive.

We headed back to the East side yesterday and are still recovering...

More on the weekend and an exciting project we did to come soon...


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