"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, July 23, 2010

Izzieism's Part 2

Hope you enjoyed reading some of Izzie's first words and phrases.  Here are some more.  Enjoy!

When Izzie gets in trouble she'll come up to me after and say, "Not mad at me Momma (Daddy), not mad at me?"  I'll say, "I'm not mad at you Izzie."  Then she replies, "Good…I'm sorry Momma.  I love you Momma." 

Izzie's newest phrase is, "That's wonderful".  I have no idea where she heard it, but it sounds so mature coming from her little body.

Whenever someone has something or Izzie sees something she absolutely has to have whether it's food, a toy or another random object she says, "I need that." (Sometimes simply said and sometimes spoken with desperation in her voice.)

Another one of Izzie's favorite phrases is, "That's perfect or it's perfect."  She will use in reference to almost anything.  Examples include:  When you put a dress on her that she really likes, when she pretend cooks/bakes something in her kitchen, when she sets something up just the way she wants it. 

"Hey People, pay attention.  I hope you're reading these."

Whenever we're switching from one activity to another, whether its lunch time or nap time, Izzie will ask, "What time is it?" 

When it's time to go to sleep Izzie will say, "I'm going to take a rest."  Sometimes she'll even come up to before nap and say, "Momma, I need a rest." 

Izzie has a need for speed and whenever we go anywhere, no matter what the roads are like, Izzie always says, "Go super fast?" 

Most recently Izzie has been saying things like, "I lost my talk."  Or she'll say, "I lost my happy." 

Every time Izzie tells a story, instead of saying 'The End', she says, "Amen." 

Another one of Izzie's phrases is, "Or not…"  So, if she asks Noah to follow her and he doesn't she'll say, "Or not…"  If she says something and no one responds right away she might say, "Or not…"


"Gurrrllll, I told you this chocolate is goood."


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