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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Izzieism's Part 1

This is part one of a mini-series I'm doing. I'm sure you will wait in anticipation for the next post in this series as this is probably the most exciting thing you will read all day. I mean, what could possible be more exciting than reading Izzieism's. What are Izzieism's you ask? Well, shortly after Izzie started talking, I started writing down words and phrases she said all the time.

It was a way for me to see how she was developing with her language and understanding. Over time, as the list grew, I found everything she said to be amusing and funny at the least. I could also see how well she grasped emotions and tried to understand them. And I could definitely see a huge part of her personality when I read through through all the phrases and words. I could pictures her facial expressions and body language as I read them. She is part sassy and part sweet; part dramatic and part caring...I could go on. I mean she is my daughter, so of course I love her to bits and could go on and on about all the things I love about her. Anyway, I think there was a question? Oh, yah. What is an Izzieism? Basically, an Izzieism is any phrase or word that Izzie uses all the time or maybe something she just said once, but was hilarious or cute, etc.

The person who may enjoy this the most is my sis Melody. She took a teaching gig in South Korea and has been apart from the babies and the rest of the family a long time. She hates missing out on life over here, but she keeps up to date with everything thanks to blogging, vlogging, emailing, twittering, face booking, skyping, hmm, maybe an old-fashioned hand written letter in there somewhere. She's always worried Izzie is going to forget who she is, but this might make you feel better Mel. Yesterday I said something to Izzie about, "Auntie Melody..." and Izzie promptly said, "No Momma, It's Auntie Di Di..." So there you go Mel. I promise she hasn't forgotten about you and I hope you enjoying reading this along with everyone else.

I started this mayyybe a year and half ago? Anyone whose ever had a conversation with Izzie knows that this is just a snippet of her vast vocabulary. Just for fun, I'm throwing in some pics you may or may not have seen...


She looked over at Noah, who was all bundled up in the car seat and said, "Aww, Noah is so cute Momma."

I remember when Izzie was all bundled up
and snug as a bug in her car seat.

When she saw one of her new sleepers she said, "Freaking Awesome!"

Whenever she has a dirty diaper she tries to sneak by me and says, "No poop Momma, No poop."

When we were getting ready to make cookies I stopped for a minute to talk to Kris. Izzie said, "Momma, stop talking to daddy."

When someone is hurt or doesn't feel well, Izzie goes and gets her pretend medicine, puts in on you and says, "Feel better (insert name)?"

Izzie is my little backseat driver and she always says things like, "Go Momma! Go Momma! Don't stop! Again Momma, again!"

When it's time to go to sleep she always says, "Goodnight Momma! I love you!"

This picture is a bit risque with the strap off
shoulder look but I loved her baby chub.

On our way to Mt. Pleasant we saw a lot of corn fields. I said to Izzie, "Look at all that yummy, sweet corn." She said, "No Momma, it's not sweet corn." I said, "What is it then?" Izzie replied, "It's yellow corn."

Sometimes randomly and sometimes when something is actually funny, Izzie may something like, "So funny Momma…Noah so funny."
And then she laughs this half fake-half adorable laugh that makes her seem so grown up.

Sometimes when I say, "What are you doing Izzie?" she'll respond with, "I'm just chillin' Momma."

Izzie is experimenting with her voice. So many times she says, "I'm so loud Momma, so loud."

When she tries something on like a hat or sunglasses or when I get her dressed she'll ask, "How do I look Momma, how do I look?"

When I put a dress on her or she's sees me putting on makeup (a rarity), etc., she'll say, "So pretty…so pretty."

When Izzie gets up in the morning, she always says, "Good morning, Momma." Well the other morning she gave me her usual greeting then looked at the nest perched on top of my head and said, "Wow, I like your hair, Momma."

Whenever Izzie wants conversation and I'm either busy with Noah or not paying enough attention to her or just because, Izzie will say to me, "Talk to me, Momma…Talk to me."

Stay tuned for more Izzieism's...

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