"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week In Pictures

Okay, so it's not exactly week in pictures.  There are a some from a few weeks ago as well as a few from the fourth.  So here ya go...

There's an outdoor mall by us that have these really cool fountains.  In the summer they're a great way for kiddos to cool off.  I'm all about free fun.  I much prefer this over the public pool (too many germs) and so do the babies.  Last year, Izzie wasn't too sure about the fountains.  They're set on a program and shoot up fast, slow, in a pattern, disappear, etc.  This year she loved it and after a few minutes so did Noah.  They both ended up soaked.  I actually took them to the mall with the intention of letting them play in the water.  Pshh, who needs bathing suits.  It's much more fun to play in the water with your clothes on.  Plus, if we're being honest, I didn't really feel like packing for a day at the beach.  I slathered on the sunscreen, tossed them in the van and off we went for a few hours of fun.  This was the week Jordan was with us.  First, we had some of the most-expensive-ice cream on the planet, then we headed over to the fountains. 

Getting their feet wet...
Actually it kinda of looks like Beast is about to squat over the fountain. 

He's still a little shy.  Trying to decide if he's going to run through.

Izzie was soaked in no time.

Beast soon joined in on the fun.

The boy standing behind Izzie became her 'new best friend'.  I dreaded the thought of pulling Izzie away to go home because she was quite attached to her new best friend.  I kept circling with Noah, telling Izzie it was almost time to go.  Her response made it clear that she wasn't going without a fight.  Fortunately, the boy had to leave first and his momma got to deal with the temper tantrum.

Not sure if you can tell here but Beast is absolutely soaked.

I took the babies to my parents for some Fourth of July fun.  Once Beast discovered watermelon he was in love.  Seriously, I think he ate a whole watermelon while we were there.

Beast Attack on some sweet fruit.

I made this for the party.  They were so cute...and delicious.

We met Grace, Trevor and couple of their friends at the zoo.  Izzie was so excited.

She couldn't wait to see the giraffe's.  We were surprised to see there was a baby giraffe.

Her second favorite part of the trip was riding the train.

Beast wanted to be like sister and sit by himself without help.  The problem was that he wouldn't just sit.  He wanted to hang over the side and jump around.  Moving trains and Beast are not a good combination.  Once the train got going though, he was okay and sat on my lap and then on his own. (The very manly looking hand on the left is not mine, just so you know.  It is a man hand.)

Izzie and I made buttermilk cheesecake with a butterscotch caramel topping.

I also made some cucumber juice, Mmm!  Don't mock it till you try it.

Kris was very happy when I brought him home a bag of these chips.

This was the beginning...This was after his first 'incident' in the kitchen.

This was after maybe the seventh or eighth 'incident'
He was watching 'Little Einsteins'...

And fell asleep...

Being sick sucks.  Okay, for real, do you see his sunken in stomach:(

Resting in comfort

Story time with Uncle Adam.  They read all of Izzie's library books.

If you look carefully, you can see a hint of another rainbow above the first one.  I love rainbows.

I know, I have no neck here.  He was crawling up on my chair and I was trying to get a couple of cute pics while holding him still and holding my phone.  But seriously, don't you wish you had one of these?

This is the other semi-clear pic of the two of us.  I just love this baby.

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