"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, July 26, 2010

Izzieism's Part 3

More of all about Izzie...

Izzie will say, "My tummy hurts…I eat too much and I drink too much."  Izzie never eats or drinks too much.  I think she says it when she's upset or she just has a tummy ache.  Other times she'll say, "My tummy not full yet."  

Izzie ends her conversations on the phone by saying, "Okay, Well…Bye." 

If Izzie needs help with something she will say, "Will you help me?  I'm having trouble." 

When Izzie gets in trouble she'll ask, "Are you mad at me?"  Or after she's been disciplined/talked to she'll ask, "Are you happy?  You're not mad?" 

Izzie is all about her emotions.  She very sensitive and cares about other people's feelings.  Part of it is just who she is and part of it she learned from one of her shows that teaches children about feelings.  Anyway, Izzie will say things like, 
"You Happy?"
"Noah's sad."
"Feel better Momma?"
"I'm so mad."
"Let me go!"
"Put me down!"
"I don't like that." 
Just to name a few...

Izzie is very polite.  Whenever she wants to interrupt a conversation she'll say, "Excuse me."  It's just about the cutest thing ever.

We were in Meijer and Izzie was playing a game on my phone.  The game ended and Izzie said, "Aww Nuts!"  When I asked her where she learned to say that she said, "Bepa and Big Gigi taught me." 

We were at Gigi's house and Izzie was in the sunroom with Bepa and Big Gigi.  Izzie came up to them and told them, "Noah said a dirty word."  They had her say it again just to make sure they heard her right and she repeated the same thing.

Izzie and I were reading a book.  Not realizing that Izzie is well versed in different breeds of dog I said, "Can you find the dog for me?"  Izzie replied, "It's a poodle Momma." 

When Izzie takes a drink out of one of her Sippy cups she says, "My mouth has a heartbeat." 

Random Phrase:  Sometimes when I'm going somewhere or for no reason at all Izzie will say, "Don't bump any rocks."  Or she'll say, "Don't go over any rocks."

When referring to Travis's Graduation party Izzie said, "This is going to be awesome!"

Stay tuned for more...

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