"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, August 02, 2010

I need to take a shower...

We left the white cooler outside after we got home from the family reunion last week.  I suppose it was a great hiding place.  All the things you could put in it...Kris went to clean it out this morning and discovered the entire inside of the cooler was blue.  And at the bottom of the cooler was blue chalk...all the blue chalk.  Apparently the cooler makes a great hiding spot for blue chalk to keep away from your other sibling.
My babies are gone.  They left right before lunch.  Grandma and Bepa came to pick them up and take them to Port Sanilac for the day.  They are going to meet Uncle Dick and Aunt Shelly for the first time.  Well, Izzie met Aunt Shelly once when she was a baby, but she doesn't remember it.  Port Sanilac is about an hour and a half away, maybe a little longer.  

So I just got home from the gym and plan to go for a run in a bit.  Then I'm off to Toys R Us to get my baby boy a birthday present.  He's going to be two in three days.  I don't think you heard me.  HE'S GOING TO BE TWO IN THREE DAYS!!  He's growing up so fast.  He's starting to have full length conversations, none of which make much sense, but it won't be long before he's speaking clearly.  He says Izabelle's name all the time and it's so freaking cute.  Imagine saying Izabelle without pronouncing the 'Z'.  I know right?  Adorable!  He's growing more independent and understands more.  He's turning into a toddler.  Okay, he's been a toddler for awhile now, but he's still my baby.  He'll always be my baby, unless I have another baby, which I probably won't, but even if I do, Noah will always be my baby beast.

I don't know what time they'll get back from their day trip but I'm thinking it won't be until tonight.  So....what to do.  Part of me wants to clean the house.  No tripping over babies, temper tantrums, fights, or any other distractions to get in the way.  Imagine how sparkly clean I could make my house.  But let's be honest here.  My clean house will only last until the babies get home.  There's another part of me that wants to crawl into bed and sleep for the rest of the day.  But...we all know I won't sleep.  I'll lay there and think of everything else I could be doing and then feel guilty that I wasted almost a whole doing nothing.  So which part wins?  The part of me that is going to go about my day working out, running errands, doing light housework and all the things I usually do; only without my children.  I am going to enjoy the company of myself.  

So off I go...

P.S.  My sister Amber and her boyfriend Brian just became the proud owner of two cows.   Actually, I think they're still calfs.  Izzie got to name them.  Welcome to the clan Chewie (or Chewy?) and Yoda.   

Oh, and I do need to take a shower.  A gym filled to the max, combined with a hard workout and hot weather equals Eww, Gross, Ick...

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