"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh, Noah...

Kris is working early all work which means he gets home in the morning before I take Izzie to school.  Monday morning started off with Noah being psycho and crabby, never a good combination.  (*When I was young, like elementary age young, I was in a friend's basement with her sister and brother.  There were daddy long-leg spiders everywhere.  I'm not joking.  They covered the basement floor.  I don't know whose idea this was but we gassed the spiders with hairspray.  I was a young adolescent okay?  The daddy long-legs started break dancing.  Seriously, they spun around the floor so fast they sounded like little motors.  It was fascinating.  And then they died.)  Anyway, Noah reminded me of those spiders spinning around the floor like crazy.  He started chasing Dakota around the house and thought it was hilarious.  He was giggling uncontrollably.  Then all of a sudden he just started yelling at everyone.  It wasn't a happy, play with me yell.  It was a I'm-mad-at-you-and-the-world yell.  He was laughing, crying and screaming almost in one breath.  Kris said something and Izzie wanted to know what it meant.  She asked us, "What does freaking out mean?"  Haha, it was just so cute the way she said it because she says certain words with a sort of Cajun accent.  (For example, when she say's 'pull', like I need a 'pull-up' on, we almost die from the cuteness.)  Apparently, Kris said something about Noah freaking out and she didn't know what it meant.  I told her it meant 'acting crazy'.  She seemed to get it. 

 I had to do mad edits to this pic because it was almost black to start with.  But I wanted to get it clear enough to see Noah.  He was walking around with the end of his pacifier in his mouth like in the picture.  It was just dangling there like a piercing or something.  Izzie thought it was funny, which just fueled his silliness. 

*Although I still freak out at the sight of most spiders, I no longer participate in activities that are considered cruel and inhumane to the majority.   

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