"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap up

Happy Friday... 

At the moment my children are entertaining themselves by turning wooden utensils into drumsticks and turning every object in the living room into a drum.  Awesome.  They keep a pretty good beat, although Noah got a bit carried away and mistook my head for a snare drum.  Allergies are all the rage right now.  Izzie woke up and said she had lost her voice.  She has that cute, raspy allergy voice.  You know what I'm talking about.  I feel bad for her, but she sounds adorable.  And then there's Noah, who woke up with a snot encrusted face and well, lets just say that he hasn't lost his voice.  Waking up from his nap or  in the morning has become quite the dramatic event.  Yesterday I walked into the nursery after their nap and he was lying on his stomach with his eyes squinted open.  He started crying, "No! No!" and kicked his legs.  He grabbed his blanket and threw it over his head.  Well, someone woke up on the wrong side of the crib. 

While Izzie was off at preschool, Noah spent most of his morning spinning around on the floor.  I wish I could say he was break dancing.  He was expressing his frustration over vampire tooth, other teething stresses, an uncooperative nose and his general unwell being.  He finally got to the point where he couldn't really cry anymore.  I sat him on the counter and gave him some applesauce.  He would take a bite, then put his arms around me and sigh.  I would hug him for a moment, then he would take another bite of applesauce.  So sad, so very sad.  He spends half his time crying to me with his finger pointed at his mouth and the other half of the time crying to me with his finger pointed at his nose.  He cries, "Noooose!" and comes over to get his nose wiped.  I think we used half a box of Kleenex just today. 

They both took a good nap.  Izzie woke up happy.  Noah woke up kicking his legs and crying blah, blah, blah.  I sound like a broken record this week.  I'm going to go against one of the unspoken codes of blogging.  Some people say that you shouldn't blog when you feel you have to.  It shouldn't be a chore.  It should be something you enjoy and want to do.  Others say that if you have blogger's block, you should still blog and eventually you'll find your words again.  While I don't have any kind of block, except the large anvil in my head that is preventing any kind of decent sleep, I have no real desire to blog right now.  I just want to relax on the couch enjoying the company of myself and a glass of wine.  Hubby works nights, and days right now too, but not at the same place...Anyway, my need, obsession?, to remember everything that happens in my children's lives along with the likelihood I'll forget if I don't write it down now is why I'm going to catch you all up.  You know you love it.  And if I go longer than a few days without any real kind of report, meaning more than a picture, my sister, who shall remain nameless in Korea, gets restless about what the babies are up too. 

So here were this week's happenings...
Izzie is loving preschool and everyone is loving her, especially a little boy named Jason.  I think cuteness attracts because he is just adorable.  He ran up to Izzie and gave her hug.  I told Kris not to worry though because she didn't seem too interested.  She kind of stood there with her arms out awkwardly while he hugged her.  Izzie's teacher told me that Jason loves Izzie.  Aww, how sweet.
So you know I mentioned there has been some messy construction happening on our street.  They were working on the gas lines.  I feel bad for our neighbors across the street but I can't tell you how happy it makes me that the main gas line is not on our side of the street.  Our neighbors yards are tore up.  On Wednesday, I got home from the gym after dropping Izzie off at preschool.  I got out of the truck and smelled rotten eggs.  I almost threw up.  Hmm, I wonder why it smells like that.  I looked at the men across the street who seemed to be working pretty frantically.  They were shouting to each other and running around.  Whatever.  I went inside and forgot about it.  The kids and I met up with Josh, Darla, and Kris for lunch with Grandma and Bepa to celebrate Grandma's birthday.  It was nice to all have lunch together.  I took the babies home and after putting them down for a nap a construction worker showed up at my door.  He said he was here to turn the gas back on.  I'm sure he thought I was really stupid because I acted so confused like I didn't even know where my furnace was.  I was trying to figure out why my gas had been shut off.  After the kids naps, we were outside playing and I started talking to one of my neighbors.  Apparently, the construction dudes had busted a gas pipe with a hammer.  Suddenly the dudes running around frantically made so much more sense.  And so did the fact that my gas had to be turned back on.  Anyway, all their equipment is gone but the mess of concrete and dug up yards is still present so I don't know if they're done or if they're leaving the clean up for someone else, which would suck.

Izzie was a bit disappointed at lunch because we didn't have cake.  It couldn't be someone's birthday without cake right?  So Grandma and Bepa came over to the house later and brought Izzie and Noah each a cupcake.  Izzie said, "Now it's Grandma's birthday!" 

I don't know what's up with her pinching her stomach.  She's weird.

She was excited because there was a flower shaped ring with a little girl on it stuck in the middle of the cupcake.  Noah's had a spider man ring.  Oh, and I would also like to point out that I have recently been successful at getting Izzie to eat more and healthier too.  Look at her little tummy.  It's full of fiber, bananas, homemade apple butter, carrots (which she doesn't know about) and whole wheat pasta. 

Noah's approach was 'Lets do this'.

Noah has a new word.  When we were out to lunch for Grandma's birthday we swung by the new church building to check it out.  We were standing in one of the hallways when Noah looked at Kris and said, "Hey, Dude."  It was so freaking cute.  Izzie has a new word as well.  This one's my fault as its a word I use all the time.  Again, it was the same day and we were checking out the church building.  They were testing the fire alarms and Izzie declared, "I don't like that sound."  Then she said, "Momma, I'm freaking out."  Bahahaha.  When I told her it was time to leave she said, "I'm not going to freak out again."  Yes, its funny every time she says it.  Her facial expression and the way she sticks her hand out is priceless.  Yesterday we had a wicked thunderstorm.  I mean, the thunder was so loud that it was shaking the house and it woke the babies up from their nap.  Izzie sat with me and put her hands over her ears.  She said, "Momma, I don't like the thunder.  It freaks me out."

 Oh, Oh, I won something.  I enter giveaways all the time on the blogs I follow but I never win anything.  Well, my luck is changing baby.

 Don't be jealous of my sugar.

My laundry invaded the house again.  My basement had about five different piles going with the washing machine and dryer full as well.  Upstairs I was trying to see if I could get the pile of laundry in our bedroom up to the ceiling.  I saw that the pile was gone and asked Kris if he took the pile of laundry in our room downstairs.  He said, "You mean the mountain of laundry?"  Yah, yah, once again Momma-0, Laundry-1,000,000.  

We had our first library book causality.  Noah was reading 'If I was a ballerina'.  (Actually, I  think Izzie was reading it and Noah attempted to take it.)  He ripped one of the pages out.  I taped it up but I think the library is going to notice.  

Izzie's favorite stuffed animal is a Dalmatian puppy named Penny.  Last month she suddenly declared her loyalty to Penny as the only stuffed animal that must sleep with her and remain with her at all times.  Today while I was reading the kids a story in their room I noticed little pieces of white rice all over Izzie's bed.  That's strange I thought.  I asked Izzie what it was from and she didn't know.  I figured it must be from one of her animals or dolls so I started examining all of them and when I got to Penny...At first she seemed fine.  Her butt was shaking and full of whatever makes her butt shake.  But then I noticed a hole in her ear and when I shook her head it felt empty.  Poor Penny has lost her brain.  And now we know what makes her butt shakes.  Penny is still okay, and you can't even tell that there's nothing in her head because it still has stuffing in it.  Her head just doesn't rattle anymore.    

The biggest moment of the week came yesterday when I had major epiphany.  I don't why I didn't realize this before.  I was folding some of Izzie's clothes when it hit me.  Izzie and Noah are in the same size clothing.  They're both in 3T!  How the heck did that happen?  Granted, Noah just started wearing 3T and his clothes are a bit big on him, but not by much.  Izzie has a couple of pounds and about four inches before she reaches 4T. 
I'm going to enjoy that glass of wine now and maybe cry my eyes out watching a romance.  

Hope you have a great weekend and watch out for falling anvils...


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