"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What day is it?

I emerged from my piles of Kleenex long enough to shower.  I took my evening meds like a good girl.  I took a break from the back and forth swapping of ice packs and heat packs on my now wrinkly, red face.  My head  has stopped pounding like a freight train and my dizziness has subsided enough for me to sit up.  My hands have stopped shaking from my steroid breathing treatments enough for me to write a quick post.  I hate feeling like an invalid.  I hate not being able to go outside and breathe in the fresh air.  I hate not being able to play with my children.  I hate laying in the dark moaning about my body that seems to take charge whenever it feels like it and I'm helpless to do anything about it.  Maybe it's because I spent so much time in the dark and out of commission when I was pregnant and recovering from birthing the Bug and Beast.  Maybe it's because I don't want to miss out on a minute of life.  Or maybe it's because I hate getting behind on life.  I get anxious and irritated when I fall behind on errands, housework, cooking/baking, projects, etc.  I know, I know, that might not constitute 'life' or least an exciting one to some people but it's what I do.  I'm at a stay-at-home mom.  I love taking care of my home and family.  Of course, there are other things I love but when I can't take care of my house or family, I  can't think about or enjoy doing anything else.  I know, I have issues.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  I started feeling sick on Thursday but I was determined to enjoy the day we had planned for Friday.  Grandma and Bepa picked the babies and I up Friday morning for a day of fall like fun.  For real, it was chilly and windy.  (I remember it being sweltering and sweaty the same time two years ago.)  Kris stayed home to sleep so he could get up to watch the first game of the season in the afternoon.  Our first stop was Westview Orchards for some fresh peach doughnuts.  It was cold enough to enjoy some hot apple cider except that it's not fall yet, sigh.  After a healthy breakfast of sugar coated, peach doughnuts (hello, they had peach in them, which is a fruit, which qualifies as healthy) and hot coffee we were on a way to a craft show.

Izzie and Noah were both pretty clingy.  If they couldn't see me, they started fussing.  They both fought over me holding them.  At one point I picked both of them up.  That lasted less than a minute.  I love that they love me, but I started feeling a bit claustrophobic with both of them clambering up me and completely in my face.  Thankfully, it wasn't the whole time and there were some fun, crafty things the babies enjoyed.

These are all hand painted signs.  I bought a couple of signs for the babies.  No, not a man cave sign.  I'll take a picture when I hang them on their wall. 

They had all sorts of different themes.

 Guess what these are?  Give up?  Piggy banks, or money banks.  I know right?  How creative are they.  I wanted one or two or a whole shelf full, but then I realized I have no money.  What will I put in them.

Noah loved these.  Some of the people running their booths were a bit protective of their merchandise, understandably, but the woman showcasing these beautiful works of art was so nice.  She didn't mind the babies touching them.  It's not like I was letting them swing from them.  They were very gentle and mesmerized by how shiny and reflective they were.  

Beast decided to take a break or protest.  I'm not sure. 

After the craft show we headed to the fair which was part of the peach festival.  Kris and I took the babies to the peach festival two years ago.  Remember it was hot.  Noah was about four weeks old and it was one of the first times I had ventured out with him.  It was also the first time I had been on my feet in months.  Kris carried Izzie in the baby Bjorn.  I went back and forth from pushing Noah in the stroller to caring him in a sling.  There was a bit of miscommunication  about where we going.  To be honest, I didn't know where we going.  I thought we were just going to walk along the sidewalks and check out the different booths set up and maybe buy a peach pie.  Kris wanted to go to this chocolate place.  I had never been there so I didn't know where it was or what it was called.  He hadn't been there in a quite awhile and forgot how far away it was from where we were.  The reason we had to park so far away was because they had some of the streets closed down due to the parade.  Maybe that's why there was some confusion.  Anyway, we walked and walked and walked.  I started to wonder where this chocolate place was that Kris spoke of.  Back in those days, I was a basket case.  Actually, I still am.  But for real, I cried about everything.  It wasn't pretty.  If I didn't think hankies were gross (germs, yuck) I would have carried several.  Instead I had boxes of Kleenex everywhere.  Most of the time my face was covered with tiny of bits of white fluff.  Like I said, not pretty.  

So we were still walking and I'm not going to lie.  I was getting cranky.  I was getting emotional.  I was tired.  My feet hurt.  My insides hurt.  Noah was crying.  Izzie was tired of being carried like a baby monkey.  Kris was getting irritated because he didn't realize it was going to take so long to get to our destination.  I was seriously considering crawling into the stroller and having Julie, who was also with us, push my deflated, tired body.  But we finally arrived at Shernni's Candies in Frontier Town.  Almost everything you could ever want covered in chocolate can be found here.  Well, unless you want to cover yourself in chocolate...Then you're on your own.  One of our favorites at Shernni's is their chocolate covered potato chips.  I had never heard of such a thing.  I was a bit skeptical until I tried them.  They're a perfect combination of sweet and salty.  After buying our chocolate loot we rested for a bit and let Izzie fill her stomach and cover her face with a solid, chocolate teddy bear.  Then we journeyed back to the car.  It took a month for my feet to return to their normal size.  Aww, I love reminiscing, especially about my feet...and how tiny they used to be.  Two pregnancies later has resulted in flatter, larger than before feet.  It can happen.
Okay, so back to the present, where my feet are still flatter and bigger but not swollen.  Izzie was so excited about going to the fair.

Excitement. Something Smells. Creepy Carnies.  All of the above.

Izzie was so excited to ride the train.  She was a bit nervous about riding it by herself at first, but once she got on she was fine.  And when others kids started sitting next to her she was so happy.  This was her favorite ride.

Noah was too short to ride the train by himself, shocking I know.  Izzie met the height requirements exactly at 36 inches.  Noah was short by a couple but he was content to watch his sister ride the train.

After involuntarily leaving the fair, Izzie was looking forward to some chocolate.  We headed to Frontier Town, which is home to several quaint, country shops.  There was another craft show going on and we walked around for a bit.  Some people like to bring their dogs to these types of things and there was a beautiful, golden retriever walking his owner around.  The owner was keeping track of how many people petted his dog and Noah and were the 120th and 121st people to pet him.  That's a lot of love.  

Noah and Izzie were desperate for chocolate so we headed over to Shernni's.  Delectable chocolate covered treats come with a price.  Chocolate crazed people + whiny babies + Claustrophobia = a near panic attack.  I weaved in and out of the swarms of people with a basket in one hand and Izzie holding my other hand.  Grandma had Noah, who was a cranky beast.  We made it out alive and gave the babies some chocolate to settle them down.

We made a quick pit stop back at Westview for some more doughnuts and headed home.  It was a great day.  What made it even better was that Michigan won which meant Daddy was happy.

(I had to stop half-way through this post and go back to bed.  Who knew writing or just sitting up could take so much energy.)




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